GBM wishes HH happy birthday in jail

GBM wishes HH happy birthday in jail

GBM Writes :
My President

It is your 55th birthday today and you have been away for 56 days in a prison cell. It is sad that we are not together to celebrate your day.

But the cause to celebrate remains because this is the day that brought us a great leader in the name of Hakainde Hichilema.

The people of Zambia look forward to a day when you shall indeed be free to fix the economy.

You are incarcerated not because you wanted but because you chose to be selfless by being persecuted for the sake of the millions of Zambians.
I feel so weak and helpless without you my President.

All I can do for now is join others in celebrating this day and wish you a very Happy birth-day President HH.

May you be free soon and see Zambia recover from the broken economy and break down in the rule of law.

We are aware that the imprisonment which is keeping you away from the rest of the family, friends and the Party has exposed the abuse and injustices the people of Zambia continue to face to the whole world.

Your imprisonment has united and bonded members of the United Party for National Development both locally and abroad to the struggle and fight for your release.

Your imprisonment has also branded and marketed you world-wide as a great leader with the brains to join the global leadership and help change the world.

I strongly believe your imprisonment is not for nothing.

What inspires me and am sure the entire party, is your courage and I promise that I will continue to work and do what you want me to do here till you are released from the prison where you are sitting unjustly.

Just hold on and we are holding on till that day the lord has prepared.

I laughed my President when someone who watched one of our videos said”Oh HH is so popular,could it be one of the reasons why he was arrested because of this great popularity.”

Indeed you are and now even more!!!!

Once more, Happy Birthday my President!
I love you and miss you.
Till we meet again.

God be with you and continue to protect you!!!!!

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