‘GBM’s gift to wife on Valentines’

‘GBM’s gift to wife on Valentines’

GBM and wife in front of gift

GBM and wife in front of gift


I am a taxpayer and as such I have an interest in Zambia Daily Mail as a public newspaper. It is sad that Zambia Daily Mail does not carry an independent mind of its own. Your publication is becoming useless by the day, even after making strong commitments to becoming a better paper.

Not only is your editorial staff petty but they are rat-heads who cannot distinguish black from white.

With hypocrisy written all over your editorial comment of 17th February 2014, you condemn former Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, GBM, for buying his wife a Range Rover.

In your editorial comment, you also insinuate that GBM is using stolen money to buy such an expensive present for a woman he has shared a life with for a period longer than 30 years.

In the same editorial comment, you allege that GBM is a consistent wife battery and by implication, must not express his love for his wife. Unless you are ignorant of the day, Valentines day is about giving and when GBM gives to his wife, all petty minds such as yours and your Anthony Mukwita raise your tentacles in condemnation. Zambians are not fools. If GBM could spent K2.5 million (K2.5billion then) for PF in the Opposition to use his premises along Luanshya Road, Lusaka, why can’t he spent K1million on his own wife? If GBM could protect Sata in the Opposition over the US$100,000, so he could become President, why can’t he sacrifice for his wife? If GBM can give to so many causes around the country, why can’t he give to his own family? Can Zambia Daily Mail and Anthony Mukwita compute all the funds GBM ever gave to PF Government? Zambia Daily Mail forgets that hardly a week ago, Local Government Minister Kabanshi rejected GBM’s K100,000 donation towards the construction of a bus station in Kasama Constituency.

Hypocritically, Zambia Daily Mail tries to “lecture” GBM on how to use his hard-earned money, by saying he should have used the money to give to the poor or build a clinic or worse still, buy medication for hospitals. The same Zambia Daily Mail would have refused the donations for these projects.

Because they know better, GBM must neglect his wife even on Valentines day? While we appreciate that Zambia Daily Mail does not carry a mind of its own, let to respect our money as Taxpayers money. Anthony Mukwita is driving a very expensive car and in his small brain, he believes it is wrong for Mrs. Mwamba to receive a gift on valentine’s day. Anyway, Anthony Mukwita is a zombie and dancing to strings. Not long ago, he did everything former Information Emmanuel Mwamba made him do, including insulting Wynter Kabimba. Even on this one, Mukwita, you have no brain of your own.

GBM’s facebook page apparently makes Government sick to the stomach. To us who read his posts and as members of PF, GBM encourages us with scripture and other news. He does not use it to attack President Sata or indeed Government, so what is the fussy about GBM’s facebook page?

Any serious Government must privatize Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and ZNBC.

GBM bought his beloved wife of 30 years the cool gift above.

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