General Chimese’s proceeds of crime houses worthy $40 million, court told

General Chimese’s proceeds of crime houses worthy $40 million, court told


A senior valuation officer in the Evaluation Department has testified in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that the Ibex Hill properties were valued at K40.3million.

And another witness has testified that the properties which were being guarded by Pre Secure Security Firm belonged to former Zambia Air Force Commander Eric Chimese.

This is in a case Chimese is jointly charged with Chita Lodge director James Chungu on accusations of abuse of authority of office.

It is alleged that between January 2012 and February last year, Chimese and Chungu allegedly concealed and disguised the rights with respect to ownership of nine fully furnished flats, a double storey building, among others, in Ibex Hill.

It is further alleged that on the same dates, Chimense had two houses on Farm 4301/31 Eureka area knowing or having knowledge to believe that the properties were a proceed of crime.

Testifying in the case before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda, Paul Moyo said he conducted the valuation of the properties following a request from the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

Moyo said there was evidence that similar properties were sold on the market.

And former Pre-secure security firm employee told Lusaka Magistrate Nsunge Chanda that as far as he knew, Ibex Hill properties which were being guarded by his former employer belonged Chimese.

Sahani Chilanga 46, narrated that this is why when Chita lodge director James Chungu told him that Pre-secure should stop guarding the Ibex Hill properties, he refused to listen to him.

The former Pre-secure Limited company worker, said he could not obey Chungu’s order because as far as he knew, the owner of the Ibex Hill properties was Chimese as he was told by management.

He said Chungu asked him to stop guarding the Ibex Hill premises through a phone conversation.

Chilanga said in 2013, he was employed by Pre-secure as a guard and was later promoted to position of supervisor.

He said 2018, he was promoted to full time zone controller given zone B in Kabulonga which also included Ibex, Chalala and Chifwema.

Chilanga on July 28, 2018, he was conducting patrols when he received a phone call from Isaac Banda, a security guard at fourth street in Ibex Hill.

He said Banda told him that someone wanted him to leave his location.

Chilanga said he then went to fourth street in Ibex Hill where Banda was and found a car parked outside.

He said one of the male occupants who was in the said vehicle refused to give him the name but told him that he had been sent by Chungu to ask his guard to leave the premises.

“He told me that a Mr Chungu sent him from Chita Lodge and that Pre-secure should move out because he wanted to bring his own company,” Chilanga said.

The witness said he then asked who Chungu was and the one who refused to identify himself told him that Chungu was the owner of the plot because the person who hired his security company General Chimese owed Chungu money and didnt manage to repay the full debt resulting in him grabbing the properties.

He said he told the man that Pre-secure guards would not leave the premises because Chimese is the one who hired them and not Chungu.

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