General Kanene’s lawyer Nicholas Chanda chased from court

The magistrate court trying musician Clifford Dimba known as General Kanene this week chased his lawyer from court.

Magistrate Charles Kaoma told Nicholas Chanda that he, Chanda has no practicing certificate.

Magistrate Kaoma told Chanda that he has a letter of instruction from the Law Association of Zambia stating that Chanda has no practicing certificate.

Chanda protested and said he has a valid certificate for the year but the magistrate refused to allow him in the court.

This is in the matter where Kanene is charged with defiling a 12-year-old grade seven pupil and facing another charge of contempt of court.

On May 2, 2012, magistrate’s court on viewed a video of General Kanene in the latest song titled ‘Kansapato’which State prosecutors have said it is contemptuous in his defilement case.

State prosecutor Benny Moono applied that the song be heard so that the court could determine its alleged contemptuous contents.

But Gen Kanene’s defence lawyer Nicholas Chanda had objected to the commencement of contempt proceedings saying the alleged contempt was not committed in the face of the court.

Mr Moono complained that Gen Kanene in his song insinuated that the matter before the court was academic.

He told magistrates Rogers Kaoma that musicians like Gen Kanene were expected to be messengers of good news and not encourage defilers to continue abusing young girls

The video in question shows Gen Kanene who is complaining about being  accused of wearing a small “shoe” which was not his size being led into a police cell by a police officer after being arrested.

The song says that if the “shoe” had been worn, it was worn by a person of its same size.

After watching the less than 15 minutes video, state prosecutors told the court that they had lined up three witnesses to confirm the innuendos in the song.

But Mr Chanda objected to the contempt proceedings because they were irregularly brought before the court and were not supported by the law.

He said the prosecution should first report the matter to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to get permission to proceed with the proceedings because the alleged contempt was not committed in the face of Mr Kaoma’s court.

Mr Kaoma adjourned the matter to May 7 2012 for state to respond to the defence’s objection.

It was during the resumption of the matter on May 7, 2012 that lawyer Nicholas Chanda was told that he has no valid practicing certificate.

The list of lawyers with valid certificates for 2012 is here:

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