Genuine Catholics hurt by deportation of Banyangandora – Fr. Lungu

The Catholic Church in Zambia says it is hate by the deportation of its Priest Father Banyangandora by the Patriotic Front (PF) government for preaching facts and problems that Zambians are currently going through.
Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) Secretary General Fr. Cleophas Lungu said genuine Catholics in the country are not happy that one of them was deported in an undiplomatic and suspicious way by the PF government under the leadership of President Michael Sata, a Catholic, who promised to lead the country under the Ten Commandments.
Speaking during The Journalist Programme on Zambezi FM Radio this morning, Fr. Lungu however said the Church shall not be discourage from preaching about poverty and other problems Zambians are facing further stating that it is their role to preach.
Fr. Lungu noted that time is running out for the PF government to revoke the deportation order.
Meanwhile, Fr. Lungu who is also OASIS Forum Spokesperson said the PF was not ready to be in government but in opposition as evident in the way they are governing the country.
He said the PF government starting from President Sata and his Ministers seen not to have a clear way of governance hence leaving Zambian citizens to wonder how their promised good lives would be improved.

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