George Chellah advised against insulting Zambians in Diaspora

Sidique Abdullah Gondwe Geloo posted toThe Zambian Peoples PACT on FaceBook:
Mr. Speaker George Chellah shared a posting originally written by some bitter shallow minded guy named Maina Simataa. For those of you in the diaspora that have never heard of George Chellah, he is President Sata’s ‘ extremely self flattered ””Public Relations”’ special advisor. George Chellah revealed his disdain for the diaspora by sharing Maina’s moronic posting which said the following..”A NOTE TO ZAMBIANS IN THE DIASPORA A friend inboxed me if I do notice the arrogant know-it-all attitude by some overseas Zambian’s here on facebook. I thought I should say; ‘Dear Zambian’s overseas, we’re happy that ur in lands of better opportunity & life. However, do not think ur smarter than the rest of us simply bcoz ur there & we’re here. Remember, u being there says only 1 thing; u failed to make it here!”. I decided to ignore the posting because I wanted to show the people that reported it to me that we are the better men that dont respond to such careless whispers, but then I thought about what an abuse of office George Chellah was doing for insulting a constituency of Zambians that he was appointed to have a public relationship on behalf of his government, I decided to respond. I wrote to him and said ”George Chellah, we in the diaspora respect you as an upcoming statesman.
My advice to you is simple, please contain your ego. The diaspora is not an enemy of Zambia than China is a friend to Zambia. You ought to be celebrating your fellow men and women spread across the world then trying to ridicule them. Being Sata’s Press aide doesnt make you invincible anymore than your ego can be deflated. I personally feel we do more for Zambia more than you ever do for your Country. Your job should be to dialogue with the different spectrum of Zambians.. your little shots at the diaspora may cost you your career.” I am embarrassed that this special ”Public Relations” aide to Sata can publicly display utter ignorance and abuse his office by writing such foolish,ridiculous and outlandish statements. Like a Grade 8 student, he accused another Zambian of being on drugs for reacting to the posting against the diaspora, yet oblivious to the fact that he had posted something that ought to have him fired from his post. Word of advice to George Chellah, please look up the term ”PUBLIC RELATIONS” and execute your job in accordance to its definition, and if you want to play on facebook while Sata is looking the other way, atleast play nice because you are dealing with people that have an equally strong opinion of you as much as you have of them, and we are willing to do something about our opinion. After all its a culture that you guys are creating. Create a good image for yourself, create love and understanding between the diaspora and our precious brothers and sisters back home, dont disunite us, because if you do, we will end your career.
 Grow up George Chellah

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