Updated: George Chellah gets Radio Phoenix editor arrested under bribe trap

Updated: George Chellah gets Radio Phoenix editor arrested under bribe trap

Billy KazokaThe Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested Radio Phoenix News Editor Billy Kazoka on charges of receiving bribes.

But the Watchdog is reliably informed that Kazoka was trapped by State House spokesperson George Chellah.

Kazoka (in black pants)  is said to have been picked up together with another journalist associated with the Daily Mail Dean Mwanga at Arcades while in the process of receiving bribes from Armcor officials.

The little details trickling in indicate that the two were trying to get bribes from Amcor security officials to stop running negative stories against the company.

Latest information indicate that only Kazoka has been detained since Wednesday.

Police sources say it was Mwaanga who was used to contact Kazoka and took him to the Armcor officials while telling the ACC officials where they are.

Mwaanga is likely going to be used as State witness.

The Anti-Corruption commission is likely to issue a statement on Monday.

Mwaanga (in black jacket below) was working for Daily Mail but was fired a few weeks ago for forging receipts. He was working with one of the editors but management decided to fire only Mwanga since the implicated editor is a political appointee and cannot be touched by management.

Kazoka has been living under threats from State House spokesperson George Chellah.

deanChellah has been phoning and telling Kazoka that he will soon deal with him.

Chellah accuses Kazoka of receiving money from Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and others to run negative stories against some government officials.

Insiders say the arrest of Kazoka was engineered by Chellah most likely using Dean Mwaanga.

Chellah is at the time putting pressure on Radio Phoenix to disown Kazoka who has been with the Radio station for close to 12 years now.

George Chellah is not new to the dirty game of framing people. In 2006, he destroyed the political life of former former Zambezi East Member of Parliament Maxwell Mukwakwa.

That time Chellah was a reporter for the Post newspaper. He was in the habit of getting money from politicians for favourable coverage.  But one day when he was caught by his superiors, he lied that Mukwakwa wanted to bribe him. Mukwaka was arrested and his political life ended after one tearm in office. By the time he was cleared and acquitted by Magistrate Sharon Newa, it was too late.

In acquitting Mukwakwa, the court had established that Chellah had actually agreed to work with United Party for National Development (UPND) but did not explain this to his superiors.

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