George Chellah kicks out State house PS Zulu

George Chellah kicks out State house PS Zulu

Finally, President Michael Sata’s mouthpiece George Chellah has managed to kick out State House permanent Secretary Kaizer Zulu.

Chellah is an insecure boy who spends his time fighting and ‘badmouthing’ anyone who appears to be a threat to his position. Chellah only has a diploma in journalism from Evelyn Hone College.

But that is not very important because he is more educated than his boss Sata.

Kaizer Zulu was fired on Thursday, at least from State House. He might be given another smaller job like Amos Chanda who was also kicked out by Chellah and found himself at the Zambian mission in UK.

But Kaizer Zulu himself is not very clean

He is the guy who hacked the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) website on September 21, 2011 when the counting for presidential ballots was under way. He posted results that Sata had won.

When Sata was later declared winner, the OP declared Zulu state property so that he could not be harmed and was just living in State House.

He was then appointed deputy PS for Lusaka Province.

Later Sata appointed him deputy PS for Home Affairs.

As deputy PS Home Affairs, he was tasked to put together a team of PF criminals to do dirty jobs.

On March 9, 2013, The Zambia Prison Service  transferred 600 Prisoners from the Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe to the newly constructed Mwembeshi Maximum prison situated in Mumbwa district in Central province, a project of the MMD.

Then deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Kaizer Zulu told Journalists at Mukobeko State Prison in Kabwe that Government was determined to improve the living standards of prisoners in the country.

The 600 Prisoners were transferred to Mwembeshi Maximum prison under heavy and tight security by the Zambia Police Service, Zambia Army, Zambia Air force and the Prison Service respectively.

What Kaizer Zulu did not tell journalists is that during the operation, about 50 prisoners were set free by him under the instruction of president Michael Sata.

These thugs were later incorporated into the PF machinery and currently  work under Judge Ngoma to do dirty works for the PF.

They are used in by-elections and beating citizens seen to be against the ruling party.

Before joining PF, Kaizer Zulu was very close to lawyer Sakwiba Sikota. He was a UPND cadre but working under Sikota.

When Sikota left UPND and formed an alliance with Sata in 2007, Kaizer remained in PF when the alliance collapsed.

Zulu being sworn

Zulu being sworn

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