George Kunda sues Zamnet for defamation

Company and his wife Irene Mwezi  Kunda have sued Zamnet  connections systems Limited for defamation.
In a writ of summons filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mr. Kunda is claiming for damages for libel contained in an article entitled
“Zamtel Saga Kunda soiled” published on the internet website home page between November 25 to 28, 2011.
The former Vice President and his wife are claiming for interest thereon costs and an injunction restraining whether be it management, servants and or agents from Zamnet from further publishing the defamatory words complained of or any similar libel concerning the plaintiffs.
Part of the story read that Minister of Justice Sebastian Zulu challenged Former Vice President George Kunda to declare interest in the matter and also explain what services his company provided to receive about K190 million from Zambia Development Agency (ZDA)
By the said words in paragraph four in their natural and ordinary meaning , the defendant meant  or was understood to mean that the first and second plaintiff are dishonest in their conduct and are not fit to practice law in Zambia.
The claims further reads that the first plaintiff and its partners including the second plaintiff had committed criminal offences of corruption, fraud and theft by public funds in the sum of K190 million
and are liable to prosecution.
Furthermore, the first and second plaintiff committed professional misconduct for which they are liable for disciplinary action and that members of the public and clients should exercise caution in dealing with them.
By reason of the publication of the said words, the first and second plaintiff have been injured in their character, credit and profession, reputation and standing in the estimation of right thinking members of society generally.

Zamnet is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) but to drive traffic to its site copies and pastes stories from newspaper on its website.

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