George Kunda, the unlikely giant

George Kunda

George Kunda

The enemies of president Rupiah Banda are getting frustrated and bitter each passing day.

They have been fighting him without ceasing from the time he started acting as president. They have failed, are failing and will fail in perpetuity.

Apparently they are failing to pass through one obstacle. George Kunda.

The enemies are not many in number. They are a group of queer editors, sick lawyers and corrupt NGO leaders and frustrated political lightweights. They have huge financial support from foreign intelligence services. Imagine the treachery!

Just last week the enemies, using the so called media associations declared vice president George Kunda the number one enemy of the media in Zambia.

They said he is the most hostile public official towards the media and the number one enemy of the media freedom since the end of single party dictatorship some two decades ago. This is not true. The number one enemy of the media in Zambia is he who is using the media for personal agendas.

They asked a boy called Henry Kabwe to read their work. Kabwe leads an organisation called Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia Chapter.

Currently MISA Zambia has about 40 paid up members as of its lastly held AGM.  In the past, under the leadership of late David Simpson, Matsauso Phiri, Dickson Jere, Kellies Kaunda, Frank Bwalya, MISA was a mass movement of Zambian journalists working for the private media. Membership was in excess of 600.

But why have they isolated George Kunda and try to intimidate him?

Simple. He is president Rupiah Banda’s most trusted, competent and reliable ally. No wonder they are now trying to push a hammock by saying Kunda is de facto president.

He is well educated, an accomplished lawyer and he has the audacity to call the enemies by their right names.

But most important in the scheme of things, George Kunda knows the tricks of the enemy.And this makes them fail to sleep.

Zambians will recall that Kunda worked closely with late president Levy Mwanawasa even before he became president. They were partners in the law firm.

And the enemies are claiming to be championing the cause of Mwanawasa which they call the legacy. Why don’t they call it New Deal since that made them rich?

As justice minister, Kunda did the paper work to establish the Task Force on Corruption which the enemies now think they understand better.

Kunda knows all the dirt work that the enemies tried to achieve at the Task Force. He knows how the enemies tried to, and temporarily managed to hold government to ransom over the Task Force.

They have been to his office. He sat with them and looked into their red eyes full of hate and greedy. He knows what this group can do to the country if allowed to reign supreme as they did in the Mwanawasa regime.

He knows their personal interests in the fight against corruption. He knows they don’t mean well to the country but to their bellies.

When Mwanawasa died, the enemies tried to confuse the country by deliberately misinterpreting the law. They were so sure that one of the puppets will become president so they said, whoever wins the bye-election will rule till 2016.

It was Kunda again who saved the country by correctly explaining the law. He issued a statement that the winning candidate will only rule up to 2011 and seek re-election in 2011. They never answered.

They have tried all other means to dainty Kunda’s image. They tried to link him to sale of land dubiously in Central province. It didn’t work. He is too clean for them.

They have called for his resignation before. They failed.

They went for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Chalwe Mchenga and demanded that he must resign. The reasons they were advancing were  incoherent. The DPP never bothered to respond.

It was George Kunda who responded and said these are people trying to usurp power.

They abandoned the calls for the DPP to resign. They went for Kunda again.
Now the green snakes are even trying to alienate Kunda from president Banda.

They think by saying that Kunda is defacto president, they will excite RB’s jealousy and make him fire Kunda. This is very childish and amateurish. President Banda knows the evil character of the enemy. He knows their satanic instincts. He certainly wouldn’t buy an idea or suggestion from them.

This writer is reliably informed that president Banda does not read the Post newspaper because he knows it contains nothing but hot air. This is a good attitude. The president has a nation to run. Spending time reading worthless things will divert him from national assignments.

Will George Kunda resign? No. Never.

Is he running the country as alleged by the enemy? Yes. He is the vice president. He is running it together with the president.

A certain priest based on the Copperbelt was heard saying Kunda has petty jealousy for certain media personalities that is why he wants to gag the media.

That is laughable. Kunda is the vice president of the republic of Zambia. He is a step away from the most powerful and enviable position in Zambia. Non of the enemies is ever likely to reach that level. He has had a fulfilling career as a lawyer. So who is supposed to be jealousy of the other here?

What the enemies would want is a situation whereby no one in government is able to defend president Banda when they attack him as is their custom.

They prefer to have moles in government in the name of ministers. They want ministers who fear them. They want ministers who keep quiet when the president is under heavy bombardment.  And so, most ministers are playing this role.

But not Kunda. He is resolute and unwavering. He is sincere and loyal to his cause. Those qualities make the enemy mad. They know their time is almost up. So they are desperately desperate.

If RB has to take an action, it must be against those ministers who are silent and busy enjoying benefits of being in government.
If RB was to change his mind about standing in 2011, the nation will be in safe hands with George Kunda. For even as we don’t want to admit, MMD will win the 2011 elections.

Thank you Kunda for speaking for the silent majority. Thank you for calling quacks by their real names.

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