Getwell Medical Centre says hasn’t got money from health ministry, demands apology

The statement below was sent o the Watchdog by Nkonkomalimba Kafunda, a journalist infamous in the media circles for his beer problem:

We have noted with great concern and trepidation your paper’s publication of a malicious and completely unsubstantiated news item insinuating that Getwell Medical Centre is involved in corrupt
activities in its quest to obtain contracts to supply medical equipment band drugs to the Ministry of Health. The article appeared on your website on Friday January 27, 3012.

Your newspaper neglected to verify facts with Dr. Muhammad Murtaza Director and Chief Executive Officer of Getwell Medical Centre. This not only shows malicious intent but rampant disregard of professional Journalistic practice.

The facts in this matter are as follows.

Getwell Medical centre signed an a Memorandum of Understanding with Heron Business Services for the purpose of Heron Business Services sourcing business on Getwell’s behalf from the Ministry of Health. This is normal business practice and the agreement is performance based.

As no business has been secured as yet, no monies have exchanged hands. In the meantime it has been agreed that Heron Business services will respond to all available tenders which Getwell is able
to handle, on Getwell’s behalf. Is this what you can term as “some individuals created some company to facilitate corruption” as your paper alleges.  Additional claims that bank accounts have swollen are equally unfounded and we challenge anybody to go ahead and check these

The publication of this article has injured the personal reputation of Dr. Murtaza and his medical practice. We therefore demand an unreserved apology in words which we shall approve prior to

You would be interested to know that Dr Murtaza has practiced medicine for thirty years, twenty of them in Zambia. He is held in high esteem by right thinking individuals both locally and abroad. It is therefore a travesty that such an article can appear without any attempt to
clarify the facts.
We eagerly await your retraction.
Issued by Getwell Medical Centre

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