Ghost president


By Sity Mwitu

What is happening to our country Zambia may not be strange, but to have no elected visible physical person exercising the powers of the president is quite strange.  Other nations have had similar problems of a sitting president being incapacitated, but how did they resolve their problem?

It is now more than two months that the president has not been seen in public. Except for a few tribal cliques, the majority of the ordinary Zambians have neither heard nor seen Sata speak in public on matters that concern this country. Public engagements have been assigned equally to someone fit to be displayed in the museum as a tourist attraction. The question is, if the President cannot perform his public engagements, who is performing his private engagements that relate to the running of this country? If he is absent from work or unable to perform his duties, I want to presume is on sick leave. Knowing how crucial this office is, who is discharging the functions of the president? Who is supervising the cabinet Ministers? Who is authorizing government activities including critical capital projects and cash outflows if the president does not chair cabinet meetings anymore?

With the president in a vegetative condition, is the country not at risk of invasion? What if we are attacked by another nation, who will make the decision to go to war or not, given that the sitting Vice President is just ceremonial? In the absence of the President being vigil regarding the affairs of the nation, how are the national assets protected? Who is running this government if the composition of our governing system is based on an elected and functioning president forming cabinet? For how long should the President be on sick leave from his office for a nation to take necessary steps to put things in order?

Our government is a ghost government, so they do not know what to do or they are taking Zambians to be ignorant because they are also ghost Zambians? Our legal system is also a ghost system, so it can’t see a ghost problem.  Our MPs’ are also ghost MPs, so their focus is to finish their ghost term and get their ghost loot. The ghost laws that will be are enacted in a ghost parliament when it resumes sitting, who will assent to them if we have a ghost President? Already ghost constitutional officers can now perform their ghost duties because there were sworn by a ghost president. A definition of a ghost is an evil spiritual being that cannot be seen and when it is seen, it does not talk, but scares innocent people. How about the ghost day to day operational executive decisions which are supposed to be made by the ghost president, who makes them. How about the ghost security briefs that the ghost president receives on a daily basis, who receives them? How about the ghost opposition political parties, do they have a ghost solution to our ghost predicament? They are all ghosts.

I can go on to ask a lot of unanswered ghost questions pounding my little ghost head. I have tried to ignore our ghost situation, but no matter how much I try to paint it black, the reality of being ruled by a ghost President seems to form part of my daily ghost sunshine shadow. My hope had remained in the ghost constitution to be speared headed by the ghost LAZ and supported by ghost NGOs and ghost churches that had convinced the majority of us ghost citizens to vote for a ghost government so that they redeem our ghost situation. But all is invain because we are all ghosts waiting for a ghost to redeem our ghost situation. I have tried to go to these ghost mega churches whose ghost members’ tithes and offerings are spent on improving their ghost image, ghost fame and ghost wealth; thinking as they claim to be in their telecast, in their ghost sermons, one ghost prophet, ghost apostle or ghost pastor would be courageous enough, as they have always been when extorting money from unsuspecting ghost Christians, to reveal the insights of God concerning our ghost mother Zambia’s situation, but to no avail. In short, all I have done is to thank God for giving me an opportunity to know how it feels to be ruled by a ghost President running a ghost government presiding over ghost citizens. I did not know that one day I would become a ghost, thanks to PF.

My hope has now remained in the one and only true and pure Holy Ghost, who is the true Jehovah God and very soon he will make the invisible visible and the untouchable touchable




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