Ghost voters arrive in Mpongwe


It has become very evident that PF has become very desperate to win at least one parliamentary by election more especially Mpongwe at all costs in order to save their face like they did in Mufumbwe. PF has realised that UPND and MMD will share the spoils in the two by-elections leaving the ruling party at a distant third despite millions of the rebased kwacha they have already spent.

It is common knowledge that PF lost the Mufumbwe election except under hand methods were employed at a last minute to ensure they avoided embarrassment. Its amazing how MMD chose not to petition the Mufumbwe election despite them collecting overwhelming evidence that included cuttings from newly laminated voters cards that were being printed at Belga roads construction guest house, where PF officials including Veep Guy Scott were lodging in Mufumbwe. Besides that, a number of fake voters were noticed in Mufumbwe among them police officers from Ndola voting yet they voted from Bwana mkubwa in 2011 elections and were still residents of Ndola regardless.

The system has been devised here in Mpongwe and we are optimistic it is the same that will be used in Livingstone. Out of a sudden, Mpongwe has had conspicuous increase in the number of people migrating to the area but as voters. Besides that, known deceased people have been retained despite confirmation that they are no more. It is not a secret anymore as PF officials are careless in diverging data whenever they get drunk. Most of them are bragging that the will repeat the same gimmick they used in Mufumbwe to win Mpongwe which PF seems to be attracted so much to than Livingstone owing to a kind of candidate in Lawrence Evans. It has come out to be true assertions made by the opposition in Mufumbwe that PF printed new voters cards and transported voters from copperbelt and lusaka to vote in Mufumbwe.

ECZ must show magnanimity to use the same voter registers used in the 2011 general elections as opposed to these new ones that have included fake voters if they are to save some little confidence from the evidence of compromise towards PF alluded to the almost vibrant Commission. In fact let, as a matter of urgency, UPND & MMD demand for the voter registers of 2011 be used in the double header parliamentary by-elections as has been in the past by-elections before 2012. A supplementary register may allowed fir the benefit of doubt to allow various polling agents verify new entrants weigh the increase.

On the other hand, we besiege the two opposition parties to be at polling stations as early as 20 hrs on the eve of the election day and camp there until the first voter casts their vote the following morning. Case of reference could be that of what happened at Kyamwina, kaminzenzeke, shimpandanga and miluji polling stations among others where children between the ages of 10 and 14 years as well as import voters disguising themselves as new voters and deceased come alive voters were ferried in OP Landcrusers and private vehicles to vote from 03 to 05 hrs yet official polling time was delayed especially in the named polling stations. Be informed that police will barricade all polling stations as early as 1800 hours on the eve denying any one access yet suspicious vehicles will enter and leave at will yet still, all ballot papers, returning and presiding officers will have camped already.

Worse still, the police may be at hand to start arresting key officials especially those that will be manning polling stations to merely intimidate and cause fear in the opposition polling agents so that they flee and leave PF alone. Imagine, there was no single representation from MMD and UPND when votes were being counted in Mufumbwe because word went round that police were arresting officials from the opposition making everyone to run for their safety. It is logically impossible to have more voters turning up during a mere by-election than a general election like what happened in Mufumbwe where no MP has ever won by obtaining more than 8,000 votes and/or beating their rivals by more than 4000 votes since 1991 and worse still in a by-election.

As a person who was in Mufumbwe and very privy to all the innuendos of both the ruling party and the opposition obtaining here in Mpongwe, l have no doubt that it is likely that the same will repeat itself here in Mpongwe because practically speaking, PF is not on the ground in terms of popularity here just like it was in Mufumbwe. I am not privy with what is obtaining in Livingstone. You may wish to know that l have some footage that will soon be on u tube for Mufumbwe and Mpongwe political scenery during the by-elections. Also be on the look out tomorrow for an abstract on how Gabriel Namulambe made his witch doctor from Congo die in cells after failing to pay him after his fortune became a reality. The relative to the witch doctor and former companion of Gabby as he is often called in the lamba land is right now with me.


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