We will continue giving jobs to our cadres- Sata

Sata ruling with Biblical Ten Commandments

President Michael Sata has told the youth day rally that his government will continue giving public service jobs to PF cadres because, according to him, there was nothing wrong with that.

Several stakeholders including the church mother bodies have continuously condemned the PF government for giving public service jobs to PF cadres and relatives of those in power.

But Sata said, jobs in police, the army, and other government institutions should be given to PF cadres.

Recently, PF Secretary General who is almost the defacto Minister Without Port-Folio, Winter Kabimba, said cadres will be given preference in giving jobs.

Mr. Kabimba has landed himself the job as the board chairperson of the recently nationalized state company Zamtel together with the likes of Willie Nsanda, a move that was condenmed as bad for corporate governance by Private Sector Development Association (PSDA) Chairperson Mr. Yusuf Dodia.

Already several PF cadres and relatives of those in power have landed themselves key government appointments, mainly in foreign service and as District Commissioners.

As an opposition leader, Mr. Sata condemned then president Rupiah Banda for appointing MMD cadres in government positions.

Mr. Sata won on the promise of creating and giving jobs to deserving Zambian professionals as opposed to appointing cadres as a way of fighting corruption.

In his address to the youths, Sata also scoffed at UPND and his former party the MMD for boycotting this year’s youth day celebrations saying the two parties were irrelevant.

And in an apparent reference to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, Mr Sata said more jobs would have been created had the money not been stolen during the sale of Luanshya Mine, Kagem Mine, and Lima Bank.

But the UPND leader has several times challenged Sata to produce evidence and arrest him if he has any proof of that.

Mr. Hichilema has several times denied any involvement in the liquidation of Lima Bank.

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