Give PF more time- Chipimo

Give PF more time- Chipimo

Narep president, Elias Chipimo jnr says it was too early to judge the PF’s performance in their one year in office.

Speaking when he addressed the press on his party’s position on PF performance in office so far, Mr. Chipimo jnr said PF needed more time to settle in office as they have tumbled in some areas so far.

Many Zambians have so far expressed dissatisfaction with the PF performance due to a number of unfulfilled campaign promises.

Mr. Chipimo said President Michael Sata’s Sata’s victory to power last year was as a result of majority Zambians frustrations caused by the previous MMD regime.

He said he was however happy that PF have made some tuff decisions in certain areas.

And Mr. Chipimo said his party will consider participating in the forth-coming Mufumbwe bye-election.

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