Give PF time to develop the country- Chief Kabamba

Chief Kabamba of the Lala Speaking people in Serenje District in Central Province has observed that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has performed well in the first twenty two months of being in power.

Speaking to QFM News in an interview, Chief Kabamba says it’s unfortunate that some people are claiming that the PF has done little since coming to power, ignoring the works they have done.

The Traditional Leader says there is need for the people of Zambia to give the PF enough time to continue developing the country stating that quality development takes time to yield results.

He has however, noted that President Michael Sata will fail to deliver if he continues to listen to the bad advice being given to him by some party members whose agenda is to destroy the party.

Chief Kabamba says there is no doubt that the PF has a good agenda for Zambia and must be supported by relevant stakeholders in developing the nation.

He has further noted that if the PF had come into power a long time ago, Zambia would have been a developed nation by now going by the pace of development in the two years of being in power.

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