Give us a platform on ZNBC instead of accusing us of discrediting the country-HH

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has challenged the PF controlled Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)

From left. Nalumango, HH, Maimane and GBM

to give him a platform to feature.
Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix ‘Let the people talk’ programme today, Hichilema wondered why the PF was always complaining each time he is featured by international media yet ZNBC is failing to give him a platform to feature.
He pointed out that the issues he raises on international media are the same ones he raises each time he is on local media and wondered if talking about corruption on the BBC was discrediting the country when everybody knows that there was high corruption in Zambia.
‘Instead of PF and their supporters complaining let me propose a solution to this, ask me to go on ZNBC tonight, I will be there, give us your Sunday interview we will be there so that there is no issue of saying what was HH saying on BBC,’ Hichilema stressed.
Hichilema wondered why he was not being given an opportunity to feature on ZNBC yet international media like Turkish National TV, BBC, SABC and other international media give him opportunities to feature and asked what was wrong with ZNBC giving him a platform.
He pointed out that even what is aired by local media like Radio Phoenix goes to the global media immediately adding that there should be nothing like discrediting the country on BBC.
Each time Hichilema appears on international media the PF condemns him for allegedly discrediting the country by talking about their corrupt activities, PF President Edgar Lungu on the other hand has been dodging each time he is invited to feature on international media.

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