Give us credible answers not insults- Changala advices PF

By Brebner Changala

It has now become a PF habit (bad one) to insult and look down upon any well meaning Zambian citizens who genuinely offer any kind of criticism on the governance and direction of our beautiful country called Zambia.

Many people have voiced their concerns and offered advice on several issues but the reply from the ruling government is always labeling them bitter, envious, failure or jealous of the PF victory.

It is now clear that the ruling PF don’t want any one to talk about the governance and economic issues in Zambia, unless they are in support of the Great Leader and his government.

So far, Brig. Gen. Godfrey Miyanda has become the latest victim of being labeled bitter, loser, envious and the list goes on after his sound advice last week on the governance and economic direction of the country.

In the past, well meaning Zambians citizens like UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema have been ridiculed in all manner of ways to a point where people are now merely being required to either keep queit or praise the Great Leader.

Surely what was so wrong to merely respond to Gen. Miyanda’s advice and concerns without name-calling? Is it only simple for PF leadership to only label people tribalists, bitter, jealous, failures and losers than answer in a more civilized and sober manner?

Whether Gen. Miyanda or Hichilema’s parties lost an election is no longer an issue at all because even PF lost several elections before this lucky victory that was based on hoodwinking voters on false 90 days promise.

One thing for sure is that Gen. Miyanda has got his own rights as a citizen to take part in the governance of his lovely country which others have labeled as primitive.

Loosing an election does not take away any of his rights in whatever form and manner for someone to rebuke him in the manner PF did to his sound observation.

For example, what was so difficult for Mr. F… Shamenda, the Labour Minister, to merely give answers to concerns and questions raised by Gen. Miyanda such as:

a. Why has the President failed to address a press conference for more than one year of being in office now? There is a lot that the president must explain to the Zambian people who voted for him.

b. How has the president suddenly become the best lover of the dreaded Public Order Act which he condemned through-out his opposition career?

c. Is the First Lady the defacto Minister of Health? What is the cost of the first Lady’s many foreign and local trips with state security?

This especially that Mr. Shamenda, and his party, then in opposition harassed former first first Lady Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa and later Thandiwe Banda for similar trips.

d. PF campaigned on the xenophobic promise of getting rid-of or expelling the cheap Chinese labour from Zambia. What has changed now, especially that these people have even become more brutal now in maiming Zambian citizens?

e. People want a full account on the phone simcards registration saga.

In short people are not asking for ridicule and insults of what has happened to the 90 days promises on many issues including the fundamentals like the constitution.

Surely there is nothing wrong in asking for forgiveness from the masses in areas where you feel you have failed to deliver as promised. The masses may sympathise with you and give you a bit more time since it was you who promised than resorting to name-calling of innocent citizens who mean well.

So Mr. Shamenda sir, I am still waiting for credible and convincing answers and not insults on these and many other issues.



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