Given Lubinda booed as Catholics protest

It has been established that Lusaka Pastoral Co-ordinator Father Thomas Banda, a known PF cadre is at the centre of the confusion at Regiment Parish of the Catholic Church in Lusaka.

Father Banda is known to have been at the centre of unpopular transfers of priests who oppose his treachery but his tricks have been exposed at Regiment Catholic church.

Father Thomas Banda has been working with Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo to intimidate and threaten the church with armed policemen to arrest ‘trouble makers’ who are demanding for transparency and accountability in the church.

And it has further been established that immediate parish council chairperson a Mr Lwenje is also in the mix as he is one of the people influencing the transfer of Father Phiri.

Last Sunday, Regiment Parish members did not worship but instead closed the church in protest against the transfer of their Priest Philip Phiri. Justice Minister Given Lubinda and his wife who are members of the Parish were caught up in the drama and were booed when they turned up for the Sunday service.

Recently, Lubinda donated K20, 000 to the church but this cash mysteriously disappeared in the hands of outgoing parish council chairperson Mr Lwenje. Lwenje has been having parties and drink ups with Father Lubunda at his home and at night clubs.

During the protest on Sunday, the Catholics where flashing opposition party symbols as Given Lubinda drove off after failing to congregate.
Investigations have shown that Mr Lwenje and his executive had been stealing offertory money from Regiment Parish but Father Phiri had blocked the theft of church funds which led to manoeuvres to remove him from the parish.

Father Thomas Banda is not loved at Regiment because of many unpopular and selfish actions he imposed on members. For instance, he forced some amendments to the priest’s house and merged two rooms to install a Jacuzzi, mini-bar, private bedroom and other luxuries for his personal use.

Parishioners at Regiment, commonly known as Saint Charles Lwanga and located next to Arrakan Barracks have since vowed to disrupt any church service that will be held there in a bid to stop the unpopular transfer of parish priest Father Philip Phiri.

An emergency meeting was called on Saturday and lasted for over five hours; the regiment parish council members exchanged bitter words with Father Thomas Banda who chaired the gathering. Bishop Banda however bragged that he was in touch with Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo who was ready to deploy armed police at the church
“We are not intimidated by the utterances by Father Thomas who openly said he is working with Stephen Kampyongo to send police in riot gear to arrest us. These people must know that the Regiment Parish belongs to the people and not the priests or Kampyongo. They can close this church if they want,” one parishioner said.

The protesting members on Sunday demanded to be addressed by Bishop Telesphore Mpundu, who had a stroke recently and is alleged not to be in a position to run the church in Lusaka.
The members have threatened to continue with their protest


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    If this is true , then let us play hard so that the devil feels ashamed . I am an Anglican myself and knows the catholic very well.Please Elders of this parish, seat down and resolve this issue in a christian way.

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    kenny 3 weeks

    Please lets take politics away from sacred places.

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    andy 3 weeks

    Its Archbishop Mpundu, now its ArchBishop Banda?, i never i head of ArchBishop Kaumba,nyambe chinyama or mainza just to mention a few tribes, politics all over even in church tribalism kkkkkkkkkk, Nazo Nazo,,tiyeni nazo.

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    andy 3 weeks

    This is a very sad story, the devil has been coming in and out of the catholic church, i personally love catholic church because it is one of the old churches i know with its missions to save God almighty through Jesus Christ our Lord, but today am sorry to mention that i lost that belief i had for the catholic church, i really don’t know if its hunger, poverty, unemployment or just greed that we have these descendants of evil doers as priests, today we have catholic priests in politics, as cadres, it is catholic that catholic this, why? Catholics people have allowed politics in church that is why we have cadres or politicians as priests, the church as been compromised by greed for money and power, the true catholic priests died long time ago, leaving us with snakes and wolves in the skins of sheep,this is very sad that people protesting from conducting the Sunday service, God Almighty’s service the program which is to praise him, very sad.

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    Osward 3 weeks

    Most of the stories told on Fr. Thomas Banda and Mr. Lwenje are mere lies. In the first place Fr. Banda does not belong to that parish, he just seeks accommodation from. Fr. Phiri as parish priest is in-charge, we even ushered in a new executive last October which was presided over by Fr. Phiri. The truth is he has been a good preacher-man and the parishoners are not ready to let go of him.

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    Dominic 3 weeks

    Being Catholic myself,I find the happenings at my former Parish extremely disturbing taking into account that the governance system in the Catholic Church is well laid out.We have the smallest unit called Small Christian Community and rising upwards to Parish Council.How has this broken down.Where is the transparency that Regiment Parish has always been known for?Locking out Church premises and hindering the celebration of Mass is indeed alien to the Church.can the ADL Please stop the rot.