Given Lubinda in trouble for ‘selling’ Livingstone

Given Lubinda in trouble for ‘selling’ Livingstone

President Michael Sata is reportedly planning a cabinet reshuffle that will see the dismissal or demotion of Foreign Affairs Minister, Given Lubinda for having ‘sold’ the Livingstone seat to his former party the opposition UPND.

Sources have told the Watchdog that Sata is angry with the way Lubinda imposed himself as the campaign manager for Livingstone seat ahead of Southern province Minister, Obvious Mwaliteta who was initially their.

Lubinda has been accused of having been opposed to the adoption of Joseph Akafumba as candidate for the seat.

It is said that Lubinda therefore engineered the lose of the seat in order to prove his point.

Sources said when Lubinda imposed himself as campaign manager, he drastically changed the campaign plan and was opposed to any form of bribery.

Lubinda is accused of having leaked the information to the UPND that led to the discovery of backs of maize at the residence of Southern Province PS.

Sources say the maize was meant for distribution to the electorates a night before voting.

Lubinda was later on ZNBC TV news apparently regretting the incidence, a move that did not go well with the President.

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