Given Lubinda is not intelligent – Chifire

Given Lubinda is not intelligent – Chifire

To the PF, Constitution (Amendment) Bill No.10 of 2019 is about life and death, says Gregory Chifire.

He says justice minister Given Lubinda’s determination to retable Bill 10 when the House resumes sitting is a classic example of the proverbial stubborn fly that is buried with a corpse.

“He is too excited. He behaves like a prostitute who has seen a crate of beer…If you listen to Lubinda speaking good English, you can easily be misled to think here is a wise man! The opposite is the case, and the man is foolish,” Chifire said.

Reacting to justice minister Given Lubinda’s statement that whether Bill 10 opponents like it or not it will be deliberated upon once parliament sitting resumes, Chifire said if the bill meant well for Zambians there was no need for the PF to force it down the throat of citizens.

Lubinda said jubilating that Bill 10 had died following the adjournment of Parliament on Tuesday over COVID-19 concerns were wrong because it will be resurrected at the resumption of Parliament later this year.

“The PF is ready to sacrifice anything and anyone for Bill 10. To them Bill 10 is about life and death. They are like a dying man clutching to a stroll. Look at Given Lubinda. He says whether those opposing Bill 10 like it or not, it will be tabled again in Parliament. What impudence, what arrogance,” Chifire said.


Chifire, a governance and human rights activist, said Lubinda’s level of arrogance is what has destroyed the PF.

“It’s not their personal to holder document, it’s for all of us. It can even come after 2021 elections. We are not in a constitutional crisis. We have seen people in government who have been arrogant before like Lubinda. Their end has been disastrous. Lubinda will cry one day. He will be used and dumped,” he warned.

Chifire recalled that in the past people who championed Frederick Chiluba’s illegal third term even danced on fire with bare feet but were later discarded.

He said Lubinda had shelved his wisdom in his pocket as his reasoning was overtaken by excitement.

“If you listen to Lubinda speaking good English, you can easily be misled to think here is a wise man! The opposite is the case, and the man is foolish. He has put wisdom in his pocket,” Chifire said.

He said Lubinda was that proverbial “stubborn fly that was buried with a corpse as he can’t see beyond his nose”.

“Lubinda has been the worst justice minister ever. He is too excited. He behaves like a prostitute who has seen a crate of beer. She wants to please the buyer at all costs,” Chifire charged.

He said Lubinda’s behaviour had actually opened the eyes of the people to the evil clauses in Bill 10.

Chifire further said PF ministers and cadres feel they have outgrown Zambia but that their sentiment was an illusion of gigantic proportions.

“They will cry in 2021. Ask RB (Rupiah Banda), he cried. Zambians are more than any individual or political party. Zambians will teach Lubinda and his people a big lesson they will live with the rest of their lives. We can’t be sacrificing people’s lives for Bill 10,” he said.

Chifire urged Lubinda to channel the energy he had for ‘dead’ Bill 10 towards enacting progressive bills such as modernising the public order Act and taking back to parliament the Access to Information bill.

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    Lubinda… You cannot convince an 1diot that he is an 1diot

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    Given Lubinda is intelligent. It’s just that doing the right thing is not in his political interest. Similarly thieves cannot be said to be unintelligent. In fact thieves are intelligent people. Very few people are not intelligent.

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Lubinda is not normal.

  • comment-avatar
    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    He’s not normal.

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    Lubinda is a dead Presidential Candidate 2 weeks ago

    I am the most disappointed as I held Lubinda in high esteem to rule & govern Zambia one day but he killed his chance by championing wrong things arrogantly

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    Njangwamuloty 2 weeks ago

    Lubinda’s behavior is the reason the bar association code of ethics prevent sex between lawyers and their clients, to prevent clients from being billed twice for essentially the same service.