Given Lubinda lying over meali meal prices

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I would like to inform the nation over the announced price of mealie meal by Given Lubinda. I work for a milling company in Lusaka as an accountant in charge of costings. It is is really sad for Given Lubinda to state that he or the PF Government has reduced the price of mealie meal from K65 to K61 for 25kg bag of breakfast fast. If you doubt me on this please you can carry out a price research. The highest whole price for 25kg of breakfast in Lusaka this year has been on K63 by Pembe, the other milling companies are selling from the range of K58 to K61 per 25kg bag. How then does he say that the Government has reduced the whole sale price from K65 to K61 for 25kg bag of breakfast? There is no need of cheating the Zambian people on the price of mealie meal for either person or political gain. To believe this let people go round all milling companies in Zambia and ask whether they are some wholesale reduction in prices for maize meal. If the Government whats to reduce the price of mealie meal, let them subsides the maize from FRA. Regards Concerned Citizen

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