‘Given Lubinda must be fired for treachery ‘

‘Given Lubinda must be fired for treachery ‘


I personally calling on our beloved president Lungu to fire honourable Given Lubinda minister of Justice as I feel beyond any shade of reasonable doubt that he is not a person we can trust with such a huge sensitive position if he cant keep his words and literally go against what he himself proposed in the case of Bill 10 as minister of Justice.

Firstly allow me to say in this Bill 10 process people are at various stages in understanding the processes and some started with it right from inception at the Siavonga resolutions, others at the NDF while others at the parliamentary select committee and yet others only took interest of it the day Bill 10 was taken to parliament for first reading and as such various people have gaps and hence missing each other.


The most important thing in the process of any Bill is the building of concesus note that I have used the word “build ” to signify that it’s a process that goes from one stage to another until full consensus is reached by both parties that is very key when coming up with a Bill and consensus is built in different ways other countries actually do have various groups submit and then debate while others really debate and then the Bill is presented those that is why Elias Munshya is saying why are we doing it in reverse he means that we were supposed to agree as people then take it to parliament but I want to educate him that you can also have the Bill debate it and refine it using various interventions like the PARLIAMENTARY SELECT COMMITTEE and have stuff dropped in the process that is also possible , remember that the key word in all this is consensus.


There are many Bill’s that government handles for example the NGO Bill of 2009 which is now an Act going through the repeal and replacement process of which is being spearheaded by NGOs because they are key stakeholders, same with the procurement Bill the only people consulted are those with that particular interest and that is done through a parliamentary select committee under standing order No. 103 . This is very important to note , there are so many Bill’s that pass through parliament and the procedure is the same people of key interest are called and asked to submit and a report is generated for the purpose of refining that particular Bill.


The Zambian constitution is different in that Bill 10 is for the entire country so all people are supposed to add their voice through their members of parliament they have in the house .However government created yet e even another platform the PARLIAMENTARY SELECT COMMITTEE to ensure they receive submissions and see if the people of Zambia can add their voice, Honourable Lubinda as minister of justice made his submissions to the parliamentary select committee and as seen in the picture he went further to say his submissions SHALL be taken into account by parliament and help make amendments to Bill 10 , so why did he not COME OUT straight yesterday unlike talking as though the Parliamentary select committee will not be debated in parliament?

You cannot at that senior level alarm the nation with such a straightforward matter please that is very wrong and must be fired.

Bill 10 being the people of Zambias Bill received submissions at the parliamentary select committee speaking to the Bill as a process of building consensus and as things stand Zambians spoke through the parliamentary select committee and a report is on the table where members of parliament will have to listen to the report and debate the committee report .

Honourable Given Lubinda was supposed to be clear about the fact that the REPORT WILL BE DEBATED AND RESULT INTO AMENDMENTS TO THE BILL.


Chanda Nonde

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