Given Lubinda refuses to resign

Chairman of the African Network of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (APNAC) Given Lubinda has refused to resign despite the corrupt practices at Lusaka City Council that involve him.

Lubinda told Lusaka based radio QFM that the people calling for his resignation are just jelousy.

Lubinda, who is the MP for Kabwata said MMD spokesperson Dora  Siliya wants to revenge because he, Lubinda was a star witness in a tribunal that cleared Siliya of wrong doing.

MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya on Wednesday told  Lubinda to step down from his position  in light of the Lusaka City Council land scam in which he is implicated.

 Siliya said in Lusaka on February 2 that it is immoral for Lubinda to continue in his position as chairman of a respected network when his name is being dragged in the mud on allegations of corruption in the allocation of plots.

Siliya said it is also wrong for Mr Lubinda to attempt to exculpate himself and other councillors from the allegations of corruption at the LCC by levelling counter accusations on others.

“Common sense demands that if as a leader in public office, your integrity is put to question, you must resign until you are cleared. Mr Lubinda must deal with the matters at hand instead of blaming and bringing in people that have nothing to do with his woes.

But Lubinda maintained that Siliya is just being malicious. He said it was too early for people to judge him. He said people must wait until the conclusion of the probe.

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