Given Lubinda worst minister

Dear Editor!

Kabwata MP; Agric and Livestock Minister GIVEN LUBINDA sorry to say he is one of the worst Minister in the History of our Nation. He has made a History of selling a 25kg of mealiemeal at a price of K150 plus. Congratulation$ Mr Honourable for your incompetenceness to deliver. There is no excuses for failing to do your Job i wonder why you were appointed to run the Agric Sector when you have no capacity to do so you are totally ignorant Sir. Ask LUBINDA how much is a 25kg of Mealiemeal in his Constituency yet Kabwata is just few metres from State House. GIVEN and his friends lied to the People of Zambia that if voted into Office he would reduce the Mealiemeal prices yet there is no single District in our country that sells a 25kg of Breakfast below the price of K80 surely is that reducing the stable food price? Never be afraid to raise your voice for honest and truth. I voted for Lubinda and i have a right to complain when things are not in place. Why should i continue buying a 25kg of mealiemeal at an unreasonable price where is our Govt. DO WE HAVE A GOVT IN ZAMBIA? ??? . [Jacob Jaesn Mwale PhD].

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