Given Lubinda’s thieving trip to South Africa

Given Lubinda’s thieving trip to South Africa


It seems the P.F will never just steal enough. When we say these are a bunch of clueless thieving little fellows that will rape the Zambian economy and leave it for the dead we are not being malicious.

altApi1D-C5h0hiLdRr-6Nu0B0N6tkyZRYo3_tZ-JU_B9-wOn 28th July 2014 P.F Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda who is now being mentioned as the possible successor to aging Guy Scot led some LCC delegation to South Africa on a study tour under the auspices of Van Technologies of South Africa with the view of introducing electronic ticketing systems at the Lusaka Intercity Bus Terminus.

This delegation led by Given Lubinda consisted of councellors Chrispin Kabole and Robinson Kalota, LCC finance Director Victor Mazimba, Engeneer Musonda Mulenga, I.T manager Mrs Judy Beene and the “Gwagu Master” Penjani Chirambo the  Lusaka Intercity Bus Terminus Manager.

Given Lubinda is quoted as having said the terminus handled a huge number of both vehicles and people and that there was need for an efficient and fool-proof system in order to increase accountability levels. He admits that LCC was losing a lot of money through theft and corruption. What Given did not say was that his delegation’s trip to South Africa was a fraud. They traveled to South Africa drawing huge amounts of tax payers money in allowances to go and study a system that was already installed at the Lusaka intercity Bus terminus. Those small yellow , properly air conditioned rooms and the traffic like lights ( See the picture) you see as you enter and exit the Lusaka intercity bus terminus are automated ticketing gates which where installed by Given Lubinda’s council at close to K2Billion ( unrebursed).

The only reason that system is not being operated is because the P.F through its Baulen Branch chairman Penjani Chirambo  who is the terminus manager want to continue stealing government monies by issuing fake receipts to departing buses. Given Lubinda and his delegation should be made to pay back the allowances they got on that trip.  Now they want to install another system. At whose cost? What happens to the existing one.


Concerned citizen

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