Given Muzungu Lubinda’s foolishness traced to his adulterous birth

Dear Editor,

Allow me space to share nothing but the whole truth about Given Lubinda’s background.

I have been provoked by his uncalled for unbecoming behaviour which he showed shamelessly on Saturday at UTH where he went to ridicule my young man Edwin Lifwekelo who is not well with cameras. As a person who almost confronted Lubinda, l want to register my utmost disgust at the stinking mannerisms of someone who claims to be a leader.

Fellow Zambians, being an MP for as many years does not entail good leadership but what you impart, how you represent people, how you tackle constituents’ afflictions and expectations is what is paramount to a stature of someone called Honourable. Remember that “parliament is not a sacred house” meaning even fools go to parliament as MPs and eventually end up being perceived as noble people when in fact not.

The behaviour of Given Lubinda is unacceptable and must be condemned by well mannered Zambians. Surely, even if you are sworn enemies with someone, you cannot stoop so low to act in a manner Given Lubinda did. l felt like l was the one being ridiculed. Indifference in principal, political affiliation or ethnicity does not need to take tow as that can never define enmity. There was no sense in Given Lubinda finding pleasure in Edwin Lifwekelo’s illness to get at HH or whoever. We are not dunderheads, what Given Lubinda did was to cleanse himself from the tag he has had that he had been selling PF and Government data to the opposition so that he gets back a ministerial position by antagonising his alleged benefactors. But its a shame to use someone’s ailment. Where on earth do you go to visit a patient with cameras as if you are a president?

Anyway the reason is simple. Given Lubinda should have been born Given Muzungu. He should have been a younger brother to Ambassador Mulondwe Muzungu. His mother was married to Ambassador Mulondwe Muzungu’s father who was a businessman in Chizela now Mufumbwe as a second wife. Mr Muzungu went for a period to Angola for business when Given Muzungu Lubinda’s mother started flirting with a Greek national working for Gulf, a company that was making gravel road from Solwezi to Lyambezhi now Zambezi. Given’s mother conceived but kept it as a secret. When Mr Muzungu returned, he was made to believe that it was his pregnancy. Havoc ensued when Given was born. The hair, skin and colour was totally strange to Mr Muzungu. It was at this stage that Given and his mother were chased and went back to mulobezi. The Greek man was never seen nor heard of as he was whisked away for fear of being killed. It was then that Given was given that name as Given to simply sympathy. His surname is the mother’s maiden name who was once Mrs Muzungu.

You can, out of your volition deduce what character Given Lubinda can have. He has forgotten where he came from. Grow up Given.

Thank you.Can

Name withheld.

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