Go and sell your maize in other countries if you want more money, Scott tells Farmers

From maligning the Tongas, Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scot has now resorted to mocking peasant farmers in the country.

Vice President Scot Monday 07/07/2014 mocked peasant farmers and told them that government can not re-visit the Maize floor price but that those farmers wishing to get more than K70 from theIr sweat should sell their Maize in neighbouring countries.

“Yes we have heard complaints about the K70 Maize floor price. There is nothing we can do.

Those who want more money in their pockets from their Maize should sell to neighbouring countries without exception,” he said.

He was responding to complaints over the low floor price for Maize from his own Minister Daniel Munkombwe who is Provincial Minister for Southern Province who complained of the low floor price.

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema also complained of the low price.

Guy Scot who is normally high on Whisky knows that it is actually more costly for peasant farmer to sell the Maize outside the country because export permits and transportation cost.

One Civic leader complained that Dr. Scot was not considerate.

” It’s like this man is not considerate. How can a peasant farmer sell 100 bags of Maize to Malawi, can you transport 100 bags on Bicycle? Why does this man talk like this,” the visibly annoyed Civic leader who declined to be named said.

Dr. Scot mocked the peasant farmers when he gave his speech at the Lwiindi tradition ceremony of the Tonga people at Gonde in Monze on Monday.


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