Go and shed excess weight in gym not on Kabwe roads, UPND tells Fat minister Kambwili

UPND has described sports minister Chishimba Kambwili’s criticism of the contractor working on the Kabwe Kapiri roads as a campaign gimmick for the forthcoming Highridge ward by election.

Last week Kambwili visited Kabwe and commanded the contractor Asphalt Roads Zambia (ARZ) to speed up the road works in which President Sata’s son and Lusaka Mayor Mulenga has financially benefitted after the inflated contractual amount.

A check by the Watchdog found ARZ busy working on some sections of the roads but UPND central province youth Chairman Milner Mwanakampwe said the works were a campaign gimmick for the forthcoming Highridge ward by election. PF, who have lost the past by elections in the council to opposition MMD are determined to win this seat left vacant by the death of PF councilor Tasila Hara early this year.

“This is just a campaign gimmick but Kabwe people are not fools. I challenge Kambwili to explain the meaning of all those logs on blocked roads, if fat Kambwili wants to shed off weight as directed by President Sata he must go to the gym instead of coming to fool the people of Kabwe as that would not make him lose the excess weight irritating the President,” said Mwanakampwe.

And in typical donchi kubeba, PF constituency and district officials in the town are getting bribes from different aspirants who they are all cheating that they shall adopt them for the 17th August by election. We will soon list names of some of the people that have been conned by these thugs in the name of party officials.

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