Go away, MMD in Western province tells PF hired Siliya, Chituwo

The Movement for Multiparty democracy in Western province have challenged the people calling for the ousting of party president Nevers Mumba to go round the country and explain the real reasons as to why he should be removed from his position.

Speaking in an interview in Mongu, Western Province Party Chairperson Kantongo Kameya said the top leadership that is calling for the removal of Dr Mumba has not explained anything to the provincial committee hence making it difficulty for them to understand why they are calling for the convention when the president’s mandate runs up to 2015.

He said the provincial committee is set to pass a resolution on saturday but no district committee in the province has petitioned the province to call for an extraordinary convention which he says is a indication that all the districts in the province are behind the leadership of the incumbent party president Dr Nevers Mumba.

Meanwhile Youths in the province have vowed that they will not be used by disgruntled members with unknown agendas to destabilize the party in the province.

Provincial Youth Vice Chairperson Manton Matuka Toyambe said the youths in the province are aware that the people calling for Dr Mumba’s removal have been conducting meetings with enemies of the party in a bid to weaken the former ruling party.

He said people who should be thrown out of the party are the same people who are failing to explain why they have been going to bed with people such as PF general secretary Wynter Kabimba despite everyone knowing that the PF secretary general is not a fun of the former ruling party.

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