Go back to the land slogan reversed by dinosours in govt

Go back to the land slogan reversed by dinosours in govt

Brown Kapika

By Brown Chibale Kapika – BCK

Go back to the land after old ages, or getting pension was our National Motto during old times of KK.

But today this slogan has been turned up side down by President Mr. M.C. Sata.

The young people are going back to the land; and the old crooks or gunners are being appointed by the President to return back from villages and farms to take over and hijack political positions.

This is very foolish and stupid for the young generation of Zambia to allow old, finished, dead people from farms and villages to hijack the powers and rule them.

The time for all these old finished people above 70 years to rule is gone.

It is the time for the young generation of Zambia to start learning how to rule themselves.

Yes, old people’s time of ruling Zambia is gone. We need young people with fresh brains and blood, like me, the leader of Adedo Zamucano BCK.

We need leaders with wisdom, and leadership qualities. Leaders for the people; to the people, and from the people.

PF Government is misusing public powers by appointing pensioners, relatives and friends in public offices.

When collective responsibility is abused on expenses of the Zambia people; it hurts everyone whose life, livelihood, or happiness depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority. This is really abusing of entrusted powers for their private gains, by enriching their families.

Zambia’s corruption and nepotism is done in day light without fearing the people of the Nation. It hurts everyone, and it harms the poor the most. Sometimes its devastating impact is obvious:

*Innocent children dying with hunger and no proper medical care

*Families trapped for generations in poverty because of corruption and autocratic leadership which

has systematically siphoned off national riches

*High level of unemployment and prostitution results  to more deaths among youths and parents

*High number of orphans and street children

Nepotism, favoritism and selfishness among Zambian leaders has destroyed the pride and integrity of our Nation.

Leaders in powers since 1991, have brought forth bad leadership resulting in mismanagement of the economy, abject poverty, violation of human rights, and act of impunity among the top echelons of leadership, and theft.

No trust in them, only foolish and idiotic Zambians dance and pray before them like goddesses.  All becomes dictators.

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika – BCK

Adedo Zamucano Political Party – President

‘’don’t ukubutuka’’

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