Go now, NAREP tells Kabimba

Go now, NAREP tells Kabimba

Kabimba and his boss Sata

National Restoration Party youths say Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba should not wait for the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to conclude their preliminary investigations before he can step aside.

NAREP national youth chairperson Aquino Mutale has therefore demanded for the immediate resignation of Mr. Kabimba on moral grounds.

Mr. Mutale says youths in the country want a leadership that will inspire confidence in running the affairs of the country.

He says holding on to offices while investigations are underway will undermine the process and create an impression that the two ministers can easily manipulate the findings.

Kabimba yesterday gave conditions that he would only quit as minister if the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) establishled corrupt elements in the allegations that his company acted as middlemen for Trafigura in the oil contract government awarded to the oil firm.
Kabimba who is also Patriotic Front Secretary General has however charged that he will not be influenced by media reports to quit his ministerial position.

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