‘Go protest against officials who stole money for poor people’

‘Go protest against officials who stole money for poor people’


We have been made aware of an incident that happened outside the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s residence yesterday, involving known PF members led by Ms. Julien Mwape that are alleged to be persons with disabilities.

At the time these PF members came to Mr. Hichilema’s residence in a number of buses, the UPND leader was having a meeting and a media briefing.

To start with, Mr. Hichilema’s residence is a purely private property and he therefore has personal discretion who can be invited there and at what period of time. This is inorder to adhere to issues pertaining to security, both to the visitors and to his family.

While Mr. Hichilema is the UPND party President, the party has however a fully functioning secretariat where anybody with issues can table them or indeed request for an appointment with the party leadership at various levels including the presidency.

Unlike the lawlessness seen in the PF where cadres can envade the streets and start demonstrating against anyone without notice or police permit, UPND is a very disciplined and organised party with respected and civilised systems of engagements, which includes the observance of the Police requirement of the seven day notice before a demonstration.

As a matter of fact, yesterday’s protest by known PF members at Mr. Hichilema’s residence with over 60 people, fall within the requirements for police notification under the Public Order Act.

In addition, the nation has been given clear guidelines this time around regarding the levels of engagements in the light of the Coronavirus where even church gatherings have been restricted.

And if these known PF members that came to Mr. Hichilema’s residence have any grievance regarding the UPND MPs on Bill 10, our MPs are answerable to the Speaker of National Assembly and are the lawmakers on behalf of their constituencies and the people of Zambia.

In any case, if Ms. Mwape means well and feels strongly about the people with disabilities, she would have been protesting against the PF thieves who stole Social Cash Transfer money meant for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

Ms. Mwape should equally have lobbied her party President Mr. Edgar Lungu to use the constitutional provision that allows the President to nominate 8 MPs, to appoint people with disabilities into parliament and cabinet instead of the likes of Raphael Nakachinda.

We wish to counsel our collegues in the the PF to desist from using disadvantaged people to illegally protest over a matter that belongs to the National Assembly, this is abusive, shameful and must stop.

*Stephen Katuka*
*UPND Secretary General*

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