Go talk to FRA not me, Lungu tells poor farmers

Go talk to FRA not me, Lungu tells poor farmers

Edgar Lungu says it was right for him to ‘fix’ the price of maize last but this year it is wrong.

When we tell you that you have a fool in state house you argue.

Lungu has told complaining farmers to go and talk to the Food Reserve Agency and not him if they are not happy with the price being offered .

Lungu says he will not interfere with the exploitative  K60 per 50Kg bag which the government has imposed as floor price because  he does not want to politicize production.

“Last year I fixed it because I thought that was good but I don’t want to interfere for now, there should be a bargaining process, the buyer and the seller should be willing to exchange commodities and I don’t think the buyer wants to be exploited, I don’t think a seller also wants to be exploited but somehow you need to bargain, I think the negotiation process has just started,” said Lungu.

So why was it right last year? Because there were elections ?

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