Go urinate in Kariba dam, Chama tells Zambians facing load sheding

PF secretary general Davies Chama says opposition political leaders who are making too much noise about the electricity load-shedding should go and urinate in the Kariba Dam and see if they will be able to fill it up.

Speaking on Roots FM Radio’s Boiling Point programme yesterday, Chama said devil worshippers had closed up the heavens, causing drought in the country.

“We didn’t anticipate [the] economic challenges that we are seeing today. We didn’t anticipate that maybe during the 2014/2015 or 2013/2014 rainy seasons, we would not have enough rainfall. We didn’t project that because rainfall is given by God, regardless of whichever President is there. If there is a drought, there is absolutely nothing you can do. There is absolutely nothing President Lungu can do about the drought when God says, ‘You are not going to have enough rainfall even this season 2015’,” Chama said.

“We are all worried [about the drought]. I have planted already myself and I am worried that the maize may germinate and may die. These satanists, people who pray to the devil have shut the heavens. That’s why it’s incumbent upon us Christians to be prayerful, to pray for our country. President Lungu is even sleeping at 01:00 hours. He doesn’t even go for lunch, just to make sure he addresses the challenges that have bestowed the country and the government is on top of things, even things we never planned for.”

He said it was unfair for those in opposition to continue blaming the PF for the increased load-shedding.

“We never planned that Kariba Dam will not have water. Someone told me a joke that some of these political parties which are making too much noise, they can go and urinate in Kariba Dam and see if it will be filled. Sorry if I will look like I am insulting but this is reality,” Chama said.

“I was watching something on CNN or is it Al Jazeera; an international journalist came to Zambia and he saw the levels of water in Kariba. He is not a Zambian but a foreigner who testified that there is a crisis and that is why we have this load-shedding which has affected the common man.”

He said there was no government in its right senses that would allow its people to suffer.

“President Lungu is anguished by these challenges befalling our country. It’s not by design, we did not plan. We feel the pain of some of our brothers and sisters in the streets and the households. The President means well. He is working tirelessly to make sure Zambia moves as a united country. He is working 24/7. Sometimes I even bear with him. He sleeps very late 01:00 hours, 02:00 hours to try to find a solution to the challenges that the Zambians are facing. Be patient with us,” Chama begged.

He also assured the miners on the Copperbelt that things will be resolved now after the Head of State visited the province.

Chama said this after he was asked why some mining companies had continued laying workers off.

“The President had very successful meetings with the mines on the Copperbelt and this portrayal by the media that there was massive lay-offs of workers; we must receive some of this news with a pinch of salt. Of course, the Copperbelt is experiencing some challenges because the mines are experiencing some challenges but this is not the first time that this has happened in Zambia,” he said.

“The mines have assured government that only those who want to voluntarily go on separation, who want to go in business, because there are certain people who don’t want to work… you know in Zambia, we have this culture that you only have to work. Certain people are volunteering that they want to do business. They have volunteered to be separated from the mines but people are portraying that they have been retrenched

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