Go with GBM to police


All UPND members and Zambians concerned about the governance and welfare of this country must accompany Geoffrey Mwamba to the police station this morning.

Show solidarity and abash intimidation. If it is possible, Hakainde Hichilema himself and other opposition leaders must walk with GBM.

Make no mistake, Edgar Lungu and his PF do not mean well. Their interest is to entrench themselves in power. They will do anything to maintain the current status quo of corruption and lies. The summoning of GBM has nothing to do with fighting crime; it is meant to intimidate the opposition. After GBM they will go for HH.

There is need to show Lungu and his disciples that Zambia is not Uganda or Zimbabwe. We have a different history and legacy to protect. When the so called Bishop Ndhlovu of BIGOCA and other weak members of society were receiving dirty money to support Chiluba’ s third term, Zambians came out on the street and blocked the idea. Just when Kaunda thought he had reached political sainthood, we ended his reign of intimidation. It’s not that people hated Kaunda as a person, they hated the monster he had turned into. Now who is Edgar Lungu to think he can do whatever he wants?

Don’t listen to the PF police. They are here to advance the interests of PF. It is true that most police officers are not happy with the rulership of Lungu, but police officers work like computers, they follow instructions of the person using the keyboard without question. They do not even have a union to speak for them. When you fight for your freedoms and political rights such as the one you are being urged to fight for today, you are also fighting for those poor souls in uniforms? Even if they are the ones who will arrest or even beat you. They are not happy with Lungu, except for a few elite who are paid handsomely.

Lungu and his PF want to break GBM and ultimately HH. Don’t allow them; go with GBM to the police station. This is politics and politics is about numbers.

No one will give you, your freedoms or rights as a present, you will have to fight for them. The enemy should not tell you how to fight. So don’t listen to the PF police when they tell you not to accompany GBM.

The PF police say only GBM’ family members must go with him, tell them GBM is a senior member of the UPND family and extended Zambian family. So everyone will be there.

Nothing in this write up suggests or should be construed to be encouragement for violence, rather, like Mahatma Gandi, we are saying ‘ we shall not fight, but we shall not comply.’

#follow GBM

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