God bless you magistrate Musonda, but you can do more

The action by magistrate Chola Musonda of Livingstone to lock-up a PF policeman for refusing to give a medical report to incarcerated opposition MP Gary Nkombo gives us hope that God will never abandon this country to Satan and his agents on earth.

Magistrate Musonda’s brave move fortifies our view that in the judiciary, we have a bastion against the PF evil.

We know that, that move will bring untold hatred and even sanctions on the person of Magistrate Musonda from the PF. But then, that is what bravery is all about. It is about doing what is right as guided by your conscious even when you know that the consequences will be swift and negative.

From the time these evil people collectively known as PF took over the running of our country, our learned colleagues have demonstrated that citizens can count on the judiciary.

The judiciary is the only section of society that has remained truly independent of the PF malevolence.

With the media prostituting itself and partaking of the PF s***t, people have now placed their hope in the judiciary

And magistrate Musonda’s unprecedented bravery has again demonstrated to us that, in the judiciary, we may have defenders of our rights.

We all remember how the judiciary said no to the attempted assault on independence by the PF and its agents

The plan was to replace judicial officers especially High Court and Supreme Court Judges with puppets or fellow PF demons such as Albert Wood. The judges stood together and repelled the encroachment. The judges did this knowing that , in the enterprise known as Zambia, they are shareholders just like Kennedy Sakeni, Situmbeko Musokotwane, Esther Phiri and anyone of us and they could not be pushed around just like that.

Of course there are weak links in the judiciary. Unfortunately it looks like these weak links include the person holding the highest judicial office in the land at the moment. But we are confident, and indeed we can see that the majority of members of the judiciary will not worship Baal but will remain true to their calling.

We are not saying that judges should fight government. We are saying judges should not be used by government to punish citizens. What is happening in Zambia now is that anyone who is willing and has some sort of power is recruited by the PF to fight citizens opposed to donchi kubeba.

Why is Garry Nkombo in a dungeon today apart from holding views contrary to the PF?

Is there even one sane person in Zambia who believes that Nkombo killed a PF cadre?

Much as we praise magistrate Musonda for this rare act of bravery, we wish to say that act alone is not enough. Garry Nkombo needs to be released from Jail. Magistrate Musonda, like everybody else knows that Nkombo is held for political not criminal reasons. Nkombo does not deserve to be in custody not even for a split second.

The people who deserve to be in prison, the killers who murdered our fellow citizen are roaming the streets and even giving orders to the police. This is the kind of upside down society we have created for ourselves.

What Magistrate Musonda did could earn him his job. But we have a question directed at magistrate Musonda’s conscious: will you be happy to eat mulembwe at home with your children when you know that there is one innocent person you are holding in prison?

The people who charged Nkombo with murder only did that so that he cannot be released because they know that the charge requires the suspect to be physically in custody. This is even when the people writing the indictment know that the person they are charging is very innocent.

They know eventually the court will clear Nkombo. But they will have achieved their objective which is to punish their enemy by putting him in jail. And that is the role the Magistrate Musonda and are made to play in the scheme. The police officers and their political masters do not care about the truth; they only want to use the court instruments to punish.

Magistrate Musonda and others can refuse to be used in such manner. He, Magistrate Musonda can for example speed up this process by referring the matter to the High Court so that the accused person can start defending himself since the offence he is charged with cannot be determined by a magistrate. In fact, even if the charge of murder cannot be heard by the lower court of magistrate, the same court can actually dismiss the case as ‘no case to answer’ given the hollowness of the charge.

Why should a magistrate send to the High Court a matter which he knows is politically motivated and the prosecutors stand no chance of winning?

So far, we are happy with most of judicial officers and we hope they will continue standing up to the evil regime.

If the judiciary will falter and join hands with the PF regime, salvation will come from another quarter and by other means, for, salvation shall surely come – it always does.

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