God does not approve Homosexuality – SDA president

Visiting Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) General Conference President Dr. Ted Wilson says his Church does not support Homosexuality.
Dr. Wilson says the stance of the SDA Church on Homosexuality is very clear and that the church has taken a biblical stand of not supporting the practice.
ZANIS reports that the SDA General Conference president stressed that God does not approve the life style of Homosexuality and that this should not be allowed to be practised especially in communities that have put the bible in the centre of their activities.
 “The position of the SDA on home sexuality is very clear. We have taken a biblical stand point, the Bible is very clear that, homosexuality is not a life style approved by God.”
However, Dr. Wilson said the Church does recognise that there are individuals facing challenges and problems with certain life styles and called for all Christian s to pray for change among such people.
 “However we went to follow the Jesus Ministry, He loved the sinner but hated the sin. We recognise that we have individual’s facing challenges and problems in this area in terms of certain kinds of life styles. SDA’s should be willing to assist and pray with them. We know God has the power to make people live a full life style of the bible through the power of the holy spirit,” he noted.
He further said Homosexuality is a religious issue which bible believing Christians should carefully review and understand from a biblical point.
Meanwhile Dr. Wilson says the SDA Church does not involve itself in political activities.
Dr. Wilson said in as much as some of the church members were actively involved in politics, the SDA church will remain non-partisan in its approach towards such issues.
He said there should always be a clear separation between the Church and the State.
Dr. Wilson said the Church should not be seen dictating what the State should do neither should Government dictate what the church should do.
Dr. Wilson has since left the country.

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