‘God has exposed PF for who they are’

By Hellen Chanda Makanta

Desperation leads to desperate measures which in turn lead to major mess ups and wrong solutions. One cardinal thing that has come to light from the time the Patriotic front government unfortunately came to power is that they did not have a definite road map or game plan in which they planned to govern this country. It is a task they underrated. President Sata thought his Job was to fire and appoint people to government positions and threaten traditional leaders. Now that the economy has failed them, their unrealistic promises have come back and shown us who they really are. It is desperation that led honourable Wynter kabimba to call the people that voted for them as illiterate.

It is desperation that is causing the Patriotic Front to carry out all these democracy-threatening attacks on Hakainde Hichilema. Because they have realized that the UPND remains real and true to its supporters. It is desperation that led president Sata to start justifying the already existing constitution by saying it was also a people driven constitution and he didn’t know an animal driven constitution. It is desperation that is driving all these abductions by useless cadres. It is desperation that caused honourable Alexander Chikwanda to revoke the statutory instruments 33 and 55 which he himself implemented. A word of advice to the patriotic front, when we elected them into power, we had hope that the so called “man of action” would lead a team of transparent country men and women and make sure he restores sanity to the government system, however, what we have seen is a judiciary that is corrupt and only serves those that are currently occupying the corridors of power. We hoped that corruption would be cleaned out like lusaka when he worked at council but all we see is culprits like Henry Kapoko been acquitted because of their linkage to the first family and real mafias like Xavier Chungu get jobs with the state.

Typically, God has exposed you for what you are. Reflect on your deeds for your judgement is not even for when Jesus comes. Your judgement is when the people of Zambia push their ballots into the ballot boxes. Today, you insult us and think we are blind but our God can not forsake Zambia. Time will come when you will answer for everything that you have done with the trust Zambia has given you. Long live Zambia. HCM

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