God is punishing Zambia for voting for RB-UPND

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has said President Rupiah Banda’s government used late president Levy Mwanawasa’s body to campaign so that they could win a sympathy vote from Central province.

Addressing a well attended rally in Chisamba’s Chamuka ward, Hichilema said shortly after winning the 2008 election government abandoned the people of Central province who he said were cheated that President Banda would continue with Mwanawasa’s vicious fight against corruption.
He said President Banda should retire and not contest the 2011 tripartite elections if he is to regain the honor and respect among Zambians.
“There is time to be born, time to work, time to retire, and time for Rupiah to retire has come. In 2008 MMD used president Mwanawasa’s body flying it all over the country campaigning cheating you that they will continue from were he left including the fight against corruption but after winning what happened they abandoned you people of Chisamba, they were only interested in your sympathy vote because they knew that you were ready to vote for your party UPND,” said Hichilema.
“Tell Rupiah that his time to retire has come. If he has to retain his lost integrity and honor he must retire. Tell (Moses, MMD Chisamba MP) Muteteka that HH was here he will take care of Rupiah because am not vindictive like MMD. In 2011 Rupiah will have his belly touching the ground because the race for 2011 will be tough and rough. In 2011 vote for change, vote development stop voting for leaves (MMD), I mean dry leaves like MMD,” he said.
He appealed to the people of Chisamba to give the party a person who is accepted by the community so that they can easily wipe out Muteteka and MMD out the constituency.
“Mutakasali makwelele, amutupe muntu ngotukonzya kubelekelamwi ndimwe mulansana (Don’t give us a reject candidate, give us a person who I will work with because the power is in you people of Chisamba),” he said.
Earlier before the rally over 30 headmen speaking on behalf of their royal highnesses from Central province assured Hichilema that their resolutions to vote for him in 2011 remain unchanged.
Hichilema also donated K5million cash and 50 bags of cement to Mupelekese high school which is almost collapsing.
Hichilema was in Chisamba at the invitation of chiefs, headmen and party supporters to explain his vision for the country after 2011.
Meanwhile Siavonga Parliamentarian Douglas Syakalima said Zambians under MMD are like hand-cuffed criminals waiting to die.
Syakalima said the failure by government to purchase maize from farmers, failure to grade and upgrade roads is reason enough to kick out MMD in 2011.
“Twafwaba (we are suffering). At the moment we Zambians are hand-cuffed by MMD like criminals waiting for a death sentence, MMD has tortured us for a long time. In Southern Africa it’s only Zambia that has recorded the highest death rate, why this suffering – Ndimwe mwatukila Mwami Leza na? (Are you the ones that have offended God Almighty),” he said.
He prayed to God that all the patients in hospitals and the lame get healed so that they can vote in large numbers during the 2011 general elections.
He said donors are wondering why Zambians should continue to vote for tired politicians when fresh and unrecycled politicians are available.
“God speaks through his people. He said I have given you ears so that you can hear eyes so that you can see and maybe God is punishing us for having voted for Rupiah and MMD when he gave us eyes to see that Rupiah is not the right person to emancipate Zambia. If a person who was arrested in 1991 came out of prison today he would find the same structures and people in government why,” he questioned.

And UPND national trustee Collins Maoma described President Banda as Makulumbishi (a notorious person).He said Hichilema is a caring and most committed person to serve people out of all politicians in Zambia.

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