God Jehovah bless you Zambian Watchdog

By Usenga. G.
When we became very sure that the vibrancy and the fight of Fred M’membe’s Post Newspaper had gone to extinction, we became very worried about the political manipulation by the ruling class in the absence of the strong media.
Our worries worsened when it became so clear that the “once-upon-a-time” strong and critical media, Post Newspaper, had started to practically “praising and worshipping” the evil actions and maneuvers being manifested by the PF government. They have been turning a blind eye to the corruption perpetrated by some senior government officials.
The worries of many poor Zambians were further heightened by the Silence of our “once-hardcore” critics, some catholic Priests and clergy like Holy Father, Bishop Tresphore Mpundu, Father Frank Bwalya, Bishop Alick Banda etc.These were very critical over the ills of the MMD government but have so far become very quiet as Michael Sata manifests all dictatorial tendencies which are clearly worse than RB’s mischief’s. “They claimed to be fighting for the Poor, but we see the government’s dictatorship growing and hurting the Poor, but they are quiet”
However, the Almighty God never neglected us. He has provided us with our only sign and sigh of hope, the Zambian Watchdog Online media. Zambia Watchdog has proved to be a real and serious watcher of Zambian people.
Zambian Watchdog, You have truly shown us that you are People’s eye and you can see everything while seated which the PostNewspaper, can’t see when standing.
The year 2012 has been a very difficult year for many Zambians and you our Eyes, Watchdog. Zambians are for the first time in more than 20 years are experiencing the Emergency of another Dictatorship in the Southern Africa in the name of Cobra, Michael Sata who is strictly trained by no other Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
Dictator Michael Sata became very wrathful on you, Zambianwatchdog, so that you like Fred M’membe’s Post, become his vuvuzela. Sata used any means and resources possible to finish off Watchdog so that there should be no one against his evil deeds. He was later assisted by GBM in his scheme to clear off all distracters of his corrupt and dictatorial activities. But little did GBM know that Zambian watchdog would be the only media that he could use against his fellow corrupt-alleged all-powerful Kabimba, as Post Newspaper, had ignored.
Despite all this you relentlessly went on to expose all the corrupt activities of the PF régime. In fact you have proved to be much more efficient and effective in digging and dissemination of information which people require, than PostNewspapaper which takes more than 1 week to bring out that information you have already exposed.
For instance, it took more than 10 days from the time you revealed, for the Post to bring out data on Sata’s greedy Salary increment and worse still it was twisted to be 57% instead of 100% or 99.61% to be precise. You dug the deepest on Sata’s unconstitutional allocation of k1.4billion towards the building of his own retirement house.
For 2013, we expect you, our only refuge to continue pounding down this rising dictator, Michael Sata as once you stop, we will be back to the one-party state once led by Kenneth Kaunda. Once you become quiet like Frank Bwalya whom we expected to move from slaughtering Chickens to Strangling goats as a sign of being unhappy of Sata’s dictatorial tendencies, Zambia is finished
Finally, we are behind you all the way throughout 2013 and we will continue supporting to convert Zambia from Flames to fame, disappointment to appointment, sigh of grief to sigh relief, jeers to cheers, corruption to honesty and above all from Poor finishers to Proper Finishers.
Quote, “As we suffer all these dictatorial tendencies unleashed by Michael Sata, we don’t only recognize the voice of betrayal from our enemies, but also the silence of our dear friends.”
ZambianWatchdog…..The Real Zambian Eye…Watcher of the Zambezi Children…our only Hope.
God Jehovah bless you ever as you do your good work to save Zambian souls.

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