God, not RB intervened in Chiluba theft case

Frederick-Chiluba-001Some Lusaka based clergy say it was the hand of God that made magistrate Jones Chinyama to
acquit second President Frederick Chiluba from all his charges.
And Chiluba is set to make confessions on his acquittal.

Chairman of the group, Pastor Christopher Kunda says no one had an influence in Magistrate Chinyama’s decision to acquit Dr Chiluba of all alleged corruption charges worth US $ 500,000.

Pastor Kunda told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka Thursday that it was God’s intervention that made it possible for the courts to acquit Dr. Chiluba contrary to statement of some sections of society alleging that President Banda and the judiciary had a hand in the acquittal.

The Clergyman,who is a Senior Pastor of Glory of God Life Church,said the truth is that a group of 30 pastors from Lusaka and Kabwe and 70 other around the country fasted and prayed hard for him to be acquitted.

He said the acquittal did not come as a surprise to them especially that in March this year they had told the Post Newspapers about this.

“It was neither the President nor the judiciary who made this, it is God himself and whether President Mwanawasa was there or not he would still have been acquitted but it’s sad that he passed on he would have seen him been acquitted . No one can fight the hand of God” he said.

Pastor Kunda further said that the group has since organized a thanks giving mass to be held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre this Saturday where they have invited more than 100 pastors and gospel musicians.

He said at the mass the pastors will thank all the people who stood with them in praying for Dr. Chiluba adding the former President will also deliver his speech to people of Zambia.

He has also said that those calling for the appeal of the acquittal will also be disappointed as he will also not be found quilt.

Pastor Kunda called on Zambian to support the acquittal of the former president adding that it should not be politicized.

He said it is good for the country to accept the court’s judgment so that there is peace, unity and love among its people.
And the same group of pastors is organizing a thanks giving ceremony on the acquittal of Chiluba.
The ceremony which is set for this Saturday will see Chiluba confess in front of his fellow believers

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