God ordained Nevers Mumba, Not RB, to rule Zambia-Prophet



A visiting Nigerian prophet has maintained that president Rupiah Banda is not the man God ordained to rule Zambia.

Dr. Emmanuel Kure says former Vice president and current ambassador to Canada Nevers Mumba was the man God had ordained to take over when Levy Mwanawasa died but that Mumba was too busy with things of this world.

In 2007, Kure, who is currently n the country for a series of prophetic prayer meetings prophesied the death of Mwanawasa in Kitwe.

On 18 September 2008, Kure came back to Zambia and this time addressed a business prayer summit in Ndola where he said  Nevers Mumba lost the opportunity to become president of Zambia because he and the church were looking for other things and not God.

Kure said president Rupuiah Banda is just a bridge for the transition Zambia is going through.

“So what is Rupiah Banda? He is the bridge and the bridge is supposed to be strong enough to carry the weight. …a short one that is supposed to carry Zambia across the river. He is not the one that will bring Zambia to the promised land. He is not the savior that Zambia has been waiting for, but he will be the bridge upon upon whose back Zambia will cross,’ prophesied Kure.

He said then that Satan knew that Mwanawasa would not finish his term so he (Satan) took opportunity of the blindness of the church, becaause the church was looking for  other things not for God.

“You want to be popular because you want to be rich. You are looking for human recognitions , you are not trying to fulfil your divine destiny. Because of this you cannot hear the the secret things that God is whispering to concerning your land,” said Kure.

He told the church:

Nevers Mumba didn't listen to God

Nevers Mumba didn't listen to God

“The person who was not ordained to be president will now enjoy that benefit, because the church was insensitive and proud. The church was living in confusion.

“The transition you are going through is a transition within a transition. Rupiah Banda was not the original man God had because the man [Nevers Mumba] that was prepared for it failed at that time, so God raised a man that was not ordained for it and put him there as a bridge.”

Kure however said Nevers Mumba lost the opportunity for good. He prophesied that younger men will take over Zambia.

He said that the death of Mwanawasa marked the end of sa phase and the beginning of a new phase in Zambia.

“I have seen in the spirit very young men with flint feet who are light on the ground, men who will split the gates. New young chief executives are about to be born. Young men and women with great intelligence are about to sstart controllling the econmoy. Men and men who will give birth to a new Zambia. So there is a shake up that is coming, that is going to force the older ones to step aside,” He said.

Asked by the Watchdog today where this prophecy stands, Kure says nothing has changed and that Zambia won’t fall into wrong hands.  He said God has not yet spoken to him about the 2011 elections in Zambia but maintained that God will be involved. He said that God spoke that time about president Banda being a bridge and that he, as a messenger of God was only delivering the message. He said he had no choice in the matter and that he would rather be sent to a human jail than fail to speak the commisssion of God.

RB, prophesy or no prophesy, soldiers will satnd at attention

RB, prophesy or no prophesy, soldiers will satnd at attention

He said  God has chosen Zambia to be a leader in the region.

Kure also advised Zambia to avoid inviting  demons and other evil spirits officially in the country.

He said the move to remove the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation from the constituion will be giving a licence to demons to operate freely in the country. He advised that Zambia should not remove God from their system by pretending to be mordern.

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