God says you should respect me, pastor tells Mpombo

Mpombo, maybe he doesn't want to kneel to Lungu's god

Mpombo, maybe he doesn't want to kneel to Lungu's god

Evangelical Youth Alliance International President Moses Lungu has described as shocking and morally elusive former Defense Minister George Mpombo’s continued attacks on him.

Rev Lungu says Mr. Mpombo should give him respect as a man of God because that was what the bible instructs.

He said during the late President Levy Mwanawasa’s rule, he was one of the few people brave enough to put his head on the chopping board to defend the late President’s administration on the fight against corruption.

He bragged that he, as a clergyman, did so much to ensure that corruption levels in the country were brought down to minimal levels.

Rev Lungu said Mpombo has no reason to call him names such as a religious quack, a dubious image builder, a political toxin, a masquerading cleric, a hired gun and a one man army.

The clergyman dispelled Mr Mpombo ‘s assertions that he had been excommunicated from the church contrary to what was obtaining on the ground.

He said the former minister’s assertion were demeaning and tantamount to defamation of character.

Rev Lungu said Mr Mpombo’s attacks must be a wake up call for Zambians especially the youths to be wary of self centered politicians who only use innocent citizens for personal gains.

“ It is also shocking that Mr Mpombo could issue unpalatable and demeaning statements on President Rupiah Banda and his former colleague, Minister of Works and Supply Mike Mulongoti,” he said.

Rev Lungu wondered what development projects Mr Mpombo was concentrating on making disparaging remarks contrary to his declaration at the time he quite his ministrial Defence minister portfolio.

He said Mr Mpombo must stop issuing these retrogressive statements as they only served to retard development in the nation.

Rev Lungu charged that Mr Mpombo has failed his constituency and the nation in general.

He has also called on the former defence minister to desist from engaging in tribal politics in order for the nation to move forward.

He said if one man from a particular province is given the mandate to govern the nation, it was the duty for everyone in the country to give that person all the support for the betterment of the nation.

Rev Lungu further maintained that the former Defense Minister still owes the Zambian people a convincing statement on why he decided to resign from the highest hierarchy of politics.

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