Going back to a system that rejected us is unimaginable-BFM

We have learned with shock about the resignation of Honourable Clement Wainyae Sinyinda from being Prime Minister of Barotseland. This has come due to pressure from certain elements within the Barotse Royal Establishment who still dream of the restoration of the defunct and unworkable Barotseland Agreement 1964. These faceless individuals are bent on betraying the 27th March 2012 Barotse masses’ resolution for total independence. By so doing, they are threatening to destroy the very monarchy system which has been in existence for centuries now.

The people of Barotseland have vowed not to go back to being a part of the Police State that Zambia has always been and shall ever be.

We have been aware of these miserable opportunists, who are also the source of corrupt practices within BRE, for some time now. Some of them were even implicated in the cold blooded murder of our people on 14th January 2011. However, we tried to protect them during the Roger Chongwe Commission, all for the sake of unity and self respect. One thing for certain is that their unpopular and unholy agenda will not succeed in thwarting our determination for the long overdue external self-determination. Instead, they are now making us become even more united and more sure of success in our noble cause.

The decision taken by the Barotse National Council in March 2012 cannot and shall not be reversed regardless of’ wishes to the contrary by few disgranttled individuals who regard our independence as a loss to their selfish livelihood. The people of Barotseland have suffered beyond description for far too long. Our only hope and indeed the only way to go is total independence in spite of what we have or do not have, economically speaking. We are so determined on this such that should it mean the long overdue demise of the monarchy system in order to achieve our goal, so be it. Our national identity, which is more important, is not dependent on one or few individuals who also happen to have been fattened by the oppressors.

A lot of ground work has been done such that going back to a system that rejected us a long time ago is unimaginable. That is why we are standing in full support of Comrade Sinyinda.

We had known when we started off on this journey that the road was not going to be a smooth one. However, we are equal to the task ahead of us. Our noble task is to restore our people’s dignity. In this we are well determined regardless of any kind of threats coming from cowards who only survive on terrorizing us and have every reason to fear a face up with us at a round table.

Long Live Independent Barotseland! Long Live Comrade Sinyinda! Long Live the people of Barotseland!

Shuwanga Shuwanga

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