Good Boy; Mugabe congratulates Sata for calling George Bush ‘colonialist’

Zimbabwean president Robert has congratulated his Zambian counter-part Michael Sata for having told off former USA president George Bush.

And Sata has said he will never meet Bush again.

George W. Bush and his wife Laura visited Zambia in July 2012 for a series of charity work related to cervical cancer.

But on July 5 during a meeting which was open to the media, President Sata said Bush was in Zambia to pay back for what his ‘colonialist’ country had taken away from Africa.

“The most interesting thing, previously there used to be four great countries: United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia and France. And you have all drifted away; you have abandoned Africa after taking all our raw commodities, our raw materials and build your cities,” President Sata said during his public attack against Bush at State House.  ”I mean, as far as you are concerned Africa doesn’t exist. And when we have a former colonialist like you coming back to pay back what you took out of this country we are grateful.”

Robert Mugabe is currently in Zambia to open an agriculture show. When he arrived in Zambia on Thursday, he held a private meeting with president Sata at State House where he thanked Zambia for having helped liberate Zimbabwe.

But sources who attended the meeting say that Mugabe began by congratulating Sata for his attack on Bush in July. Mugabe told Sata that what he did was good for Africa.

Sata is said to have responded that ‘I will never meet that boy again’.



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