‘Good Constitution not possible under current greedy and deception by leaders’

Zambia Youths Association in the Fight against Corruption (ZYAFAC), has observed that it will be very difficult for the country to have a people driven Constitution.
ZYAFAC executive director Nickson Kanema has told QFM News in an interview that this is due to the fact that the country still has very weak moral values and also the Country is still operating on very strong pillars of Deception, Greedy and Arrogance of Governance structures.

Mr. Kanema says that is why politicians promise something else while in Opposition and when they get into power they easily change their position.

Mr. Kanema noted that his organization has extremely been taken aback and continues to be troubled at the way Patriotic Front Government promised Zambians more especially delivering a people driven Constitution within ninety days and later change that Zambia has already a Constitution.

He stressed that findings therefore, reveals that from the time Zambia got independence to date, it has had pillars of Deception, Greedy and Arrogance that are so entrenched such that all the five Regimes that Zambia has had, when they get into office fall prey to the same pillars and have become a custom and as yardstick for all the Governments to Govern its people.

He added that it is unfortunate that all leaders see it as a normal way to govern the Country through Deception, Greedy and Arrogance without shame.

Mr. Kanema noted that this has become as standard as can be seen from most of some of the unfulfilled promises that all the past Four Regimes including the current PF which were never delivered.

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