Goodwell Lungu’s nonsense on Chanda Chimba case

Dear comrades,
How can a normal man say this utter rubbish in this time and era.
Goodwell Lungu is really a spineless mercenary who must wait for his masters in government to lose the next election so he is firmly dealt with.
This nonsense of having fraudulent,compromised and decadent NGOs in Zambia like TIZ who represent nothing but their stomachs has to come to an end.
People are suffering under this decadent and rogue government which has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the average Zambian yet this mercenary dares to say these arrests individuals in the opposition are facing are not politically motivated and must be supported; yet corruption and looting is the order of the day in this regime and TIZ finds it fit and very comforting to just be quiet and remain ‘ndwii’.
Its high time these so called parent bodies either packed their bags and left Zambia as they are serving nobody’s interest in Zambia as all their chapter employees like this useless Lungu are on the PF pay roll or they fire all these incompetent and corrupt mercenaries.
Its really dis-heartening and often painful that somebody can stand on an ant hill and say nonsense like this.
In any case,the everybody knows that the head of all prosecutions in this country is the DPP Mutembo Nchito.
With individuals like Chanda Chiimba III who ran exposes on Mutembo and his friends,does anybody expect the ‘Prophet’ and his co-accused to get a  fair trial???even yesterdays headline in the P.F vuvuzela clearly shows the extent of how politically motivated these charges are.Bwana Goodwell Lungu,your time is up,YOU MUST GO.
You have failed your country and in slightly over 36 months,we shall request you to make use of your ‘calculator’ and render an account for all your useless actions.The likes of Chanda Chiimba III may have gone over board in their exposes, but the least one should do if offended is to sue for defamation especially if such an individual is a public figure.
Chimba and his friend’s charges are politically motivated especially that the ‘president’ and Mutembo are aggrieved parties in this whole Chanda Chiimba III saga.
My hope and prayer is that the truth will be known whether in favour of Chanda or not and especially that Magistrate Joshua Banda deals professionally with the dark cloud hoovering over this case as these gentlemen are tried.
Angry Citizen

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