Gospel Singer Malembe swindles First Lady

Gospel Singer Malembe swindles First Lady

‘Gospel’ singer Kings Mumbi who is known to his followers as Kings Malembe Malembe has swindled First Lady Esther Lungu out of US $100, 000.

We understand the First Lady wants Mumbi arrested but the whole operation is done under hash hash.

According to contacts, Kings Malembe stole the more than $100 000 which was meant for the Ester Lungu foundation when he went to perform in South Africa. The said Amount was collected from South Africa when Mumbi went to perform at the invitation of a charitable organization working with the Ester Lungu foundation.

But instead of delivering the money, Kings Malembe bought a Jaguar valued at $60 000 and spent the rest on prostitutes and other stuff.

But last week during the Easter Lungu foundation Dinner, the visiting donors asked if the money had reached the intended office only to find out that the money was not delivered.

To this effect kings has been told to surrender all state house properties like IDs and a fire arm and his clearance has been revoked with immediate effect..

State house police commissioner has already notified the police head quarters of the decision but has advised that the matter must be handled with maximum secrecy.

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  • comment-avatar
    Bornface 3 days ago

    Don’t work with Congolese and don’t bring them closer to yo business of the country.no Congole is faithful even if he is a pastor or not .I don’t no know why u’re working. With dis pipo.

  • comment-avatar
    simon 1 week ago

    whether it is true or false there is a sideline that needs to be addressed that is how was this money given ? transported ? without contravening any number of cash carry laws on both sides RSA and Zambia.

    And how many partners are involved here ? and how accountable is the collection if it takes the so said donor to come down in person to report this ? And lastly with all the misery in RSA who is this mystery donor dishing out well over rand 500,000 to be carried to Zambia ? Prudence and transparency would insist that for records sake it be done by electronic transfer unless there is more than meets the eye.

  • comment-avatar
    james Bond007 1 week ago

    They shall be known by their Jaguars.

  • comment-avatar
    Francis 1 week ago

    ain’t nothing wrong bout it,he performed sang for them and they paid him,so what leave the man alone please?

  • comment-avatar
    Deng Adolph Augusto Johannessen 1 week ago

    “But instead of delivering the money, Kings Malembe bought a Jaguar valued at $60 000 and spent the rest on prostitutes and other stuff”. What the hell is this all about?

    Okay, a Jaguar at 60 000, I like that. Good suspension on those cars, it gives you that easy floating feeling, especially with a lady onboard! But seriously, 40 000 dollars on prostitutes and other stuff… Dang, that’s a lot of hanky panky, this guy must have been really busy reading them the gospel!! On balance though, he should get himself at least a wife or two. Much, much cheaper, and if he can just get most of his mothers in law arrested for loitering and larceny, he could have himself a really good life, no?

  • comment-avatar
    Dongo 1 week ago

    Is this the second time he has done this or is it the same story I read sometime back? If it’s the second time then I can say the police aren’t serious about arresting him. They are only quick to arrest politicians who are perceived to enemies to govt, which is very unfortunate.

  • comment-avatar
    Barotseland 1 week ago

    Just cage him his a thief and nothing about it