GOtv is just stealing money

GOtv is just stealing money


Greetings to the editor.
Kindly publish this for me, if not for all of us GOtv subscribers. I have noticed with sadness and anger that we are being maltreated by this Gotv. Their subscription fees are way high, yet what we get out that is ridiculous. Each time Gotv increases subscription fees, they subject their Zambian customers to perpetual repeated programs. Can you imagine that we are still watching 15/16 football season matches yet there are live matches for 20/21 season going on? Why in the first place do they hike subscriptions with pathetic services in return?

Do you also know that they broadcast different material from what is showing on their everyday program list? Why are we always Zambian customers taken for granted? Could it be that the government has a hand on this matter? Why is Gotv still going scot-free despite all the complaints from customers?

As a concerned Gotv subscriber, I’m deeply antagonistic to what these Gotv guys are doing. We deserve better. The economy is so bad that I can’t afford to pay k200 for repeated programs throughout. Imagine watching World Cup 2010 in 2021 when there’s a live EUFA Champions League match somewhere. This issue must be dealt with urgently.

Please Watchdog, find time and space for this. Let all Zambians gather here.

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